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Is Trump aiming to beat Kim Jong-il's incredible golf record?

Asked by flutherother (31762points) January 20th, 2018

Kim Jong-il scored a 38-under par 34 over 18 holes at the 7,700-yard (7,041m) Pyongyang Golf Course in his first try at golf, a feat watched purportedly by 17 security guards protecting the man hailed as ‘Dear Leader’.

Trump takes his golf very seriously and has spent almost 100 days of his first year in office at courses in Florida, Virginia and New Jersey. Given the Trump penchant for exaggeration do you think he can beat Kim’s record?

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There is no reasonable answer to the question “who can tell the bigger lie?”

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I miss the heady days when the black dude was so smooth I didn’t even need to watch the news. I knew everything was going to be alright.

Now it seems like I am trying to stick my cock in a turtle. This is going to end badly. At least Josie got a tax cut.

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A 34? That means at least 2 hole-in-ones.
at least make it a believable lie.

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@filmfann Kim Jong-il got 11 holes in one back in 1994.

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I think they should resolve the conflict by playing golf against each other.

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The best Trump can manage is an unlikely 73 one over par

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Apparently, Kim never has to pee or take a dump like other mortals. This is according to his state issued biography.

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^I was going to say. That’s something Trump might could accomplish. His colon is stuffed with steak, McDonald’s, and could could clog up anytime.

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