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Can you list the different entertainment award shows?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14115points) January 20th, 2018

Like the Junos, the Grammys, ect. Also can you list what they celebrate.

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I dislike and avoid them in general, but let’s see, I can list:

Oscars – Hollywood movies voted on by one or more Hollywood guilds. Celebrates Hollywood and the guild’s’(?) own opinions of its own work.

Cannes film festival – new films and awards for films from around the world, awards by quality & art

Sundance film festival – new independent films, given awards for quality (hosted by Robert Redford?) – celebrates quality and art

Grammys – some sort of American music awards. Celebrates its own self-importance and industry-made pop music

“The American Music Awards” – some other sort of American music awards, I assume like the Grammys but with a generic name

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You forgot these

Emmys—Similar to Oscars but for television (best shows, actors, scores, etc etc)

Tonys— Theatre (such as Broadway plays)

There are lots of subsidiaries—such as Country Music awards excellence in Broadcasting, etc etc but I think we’ve covered the major ones you’re asking about.

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The “Fake News Awards”—Awarded to the fakest news channels

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What are these entertainment award shows of which you speak?

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For movies:

Golden Globes
Screen Actor’s Guild Awards
Critic’s Choice Awards
Writer’s Guild Awards
Academy Awards

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