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If a leather cord irritates my skin, is braided nylon likely to be more or less irritating?

Asked by Jeruba (47956points) January 20th, 2018

No, guys, this is just about eyeglasses. Sorry. Simmer down.

I have a (very unglamorous) thin leather cord attached to the eyeglasses I wear all the time. They’re constantly on and off, and this is my best way of keeping track of them.

At least, it’s better than spending a significant part of every day trying to find where I left my glasses. When I take them off, I don’t absent-mindedly put them down somewhere—they’re right on the cord around my neck. So mostly I don’t lose them like this any more. (And I do still miss @FutureMemory.)

But the leather cord has begun to cause a rashlike irritation in the collar area. I want to replace it, but I’m hesitating over buying another of the same type. Would I be better off with something synthetic like this nylon cord—or would that somehow be worse?

Any relevant experience or advice?


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The nylon might work well for you. I keep my car keys on a nylon lanyard around my neck while I’m out (otherwise I would constantly be losing them). But lately I notice it’s begun to bother me. It’s either the weight of my keys, the cord is dirty, and that’s bothering my skin, or it’s something else. I’m planning on changing out the lanyard. They’re not expensive.

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Is it the leather, or is it whatever coating was put on the leather to keep it from fraying, and to keep its color?

I agree with @snowberry – nylon may be a good alternative. There are also light metal chains that do the same thing.

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Methinks less. The chemicals that were used to tan the leather may be what’s irritating your skin, or the coarse texture.

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An analogous situation is watch bands. I notice that the skin on my wrist is bothered more by repeated use of a leather watch band than with other materials.

I think, although this surely anecdotal and my surmise, that it has to do with the way sweat interacts with the leather and then keeps it close to the skin.

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You can buy pins/broaches with a loop at the bottom to hold glasses.

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