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Who is more believable? Donald Trump or Stormy Daniels?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24424points) January 21st, 2018

Trump, is, of course, the president.

Daniels is the porn star link who was paid off by Trump’s lawyers to keep her mouth shut.

Trump denies everything.

Who is more believable?

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Daniels is more believable both in general (she has made fewer demonstrably false public statements than Trump) and in particular (her actions and statements in this particular case are less suspicious than Trump’s actions and statements in this particular case).

As a general rule: anyone who is neither generally nor particularly untrustworthy is more believable than Trump (who is both untrustworthy in general and is untrustworthy with regard to just about all particulars that he chooses to discuss publicly).

To be clear, that’s just a baseline. Even Trump deserves case-by-case evaluation. But if the available information requires a framing tool for proper assessment, the general rule is perfectly serviceable for generating a prior probability distribution.

For cases where Trump is in dispute with someone who is either generally or particularly untrustworthy, no general rule is available and extra special attention must be paid to the specifics. It must be admitted, however, that Trump tends to lose those matchups as well.

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Even Don Quixote is more believable than the Orangutan.

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I’m not aware of any lies from Stormy Daniels. Honestly I don’t know much about her, but still, she’s not a noted liar.

Trump has averaged a verified 5.9 lies per day as President.

Hmmmmm, tough call. A real head scratcher.

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Do not scratch too hard, or the orange wig comes off.

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Yes, but was Don Quixote a porn star?

It may say something about our times that I trust the word of a poem star over the president of the US.

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I’d love to jump on Trump here, but I honestly don’t know anything about Daniels.

My gut tells me Trump is just lying. Again… She seems old for Trump’s taste. If I were rich, I wouldn’t be wasting money on a nasty porn star, when I could get some low mileage eastern European, or Russian chick for a deal. He’ll be replacing his wife with something like that eventually. Probably get her where he got the first prostitute, I mean lady…

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^I think this was in 2006 when she was much younger.

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^Irrelevant to any man with money like him. Maybe he was drunk or something…

Many women flock to such men. Obviously not because of physical attraction. Why he would pay so much, for such a woman is beyond me. There are hotter, younger strippers, and escorts, that would have been exponentially cheaper. He ran several beauty contests, and had unchecked power. Why buy a Bentley with 500,000 miles on it, when you can get a new one every day?

It’s a very odd situation, to me…

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I don’t believe anyone with a brain including fervent supporters of Trump believes for a second that the President was not involved with the porn star. Can you imagine the noise had Obama been caught bribing some bimbo for her silence?

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*gentleman’s special interest movie actress

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“porn star” not “poem star”.

Sorry. Very different profession.

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Why he would pay so much, for such a woman is beyond me..

That did not happen. He did not pay her in 2006.

He paid $130K in October 2016 to keep her quiet.

Wall Street Journal – Jan. 18, 2018 – President Donald Trump’s lawyer used a private Delaware company to pay a former adult-film star $130,000 in return for her agreeing to not publicly discuss an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump, according to corporate records and people familiar with the matter.

The lawyer, Michael Cohen, established Essential Consultants LLC, on Oct. 17, 2016, just before the 2016 presidential election, corporate documents show. Mr. Cohen, who is based in New York, then used a bank account linked to the entity to send the payment to…

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I don’t know about Stormy Daniels but Trump f!”£$s with the truth on a daily basis.

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How can there be any doubt about Trump’s involvement with the woman after it has been established that he’s paid her for her silence? I just don’t get it.

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@Call_Me_Jay . I get that. Trump could have had her killed for far less… I don’t understand the situation. Maybe she had something on him…..

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