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Is the us government going to shut down tomorrow?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15675points) January 21st, 2018

And if that happens, will the rep/cons blame this on Obama as well?
And how are they going to pull that off, when they control all three branches of the government?
I mean they have your white house, congress, and the senate, so how will this be blamed on the democrats?

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The government shut down yesterday.

For just one small example, I happened to look at the JFK Library web site today and it says this: “Due to the federal government shutdown, the JFK Library, including the Research Room and online store, is closed.”

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Thanks @Call_Me_Jay I see on our news up here, the rep/cons are blaming the democrats,how is that possible when the rep/cons control the white house,the senate, and congress?

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When the government shut down in 2013 Trump blamed it on Obama’s poor leadership. I can’t see how even Trump can blame it on Obama this time.

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Each side will blame the other. But much of the population is predisposed to dislike Trump (35% approval rating) so my guess is that the closure of the government is going to be blamed on the Republicans.

Incompetence reigns supreme.

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The GOP has been blaming the shutdown on the Democrats since early last week (days in advance). Whether it sticks in the court of public opinion is another matter.

The GOP budget could be passed by both houses in half an hour and signed by Trump an hour later with wall funded if the GOP fully funded CHIP and included a real DACA extension.

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And is that going to happen^^?
And if it doesn’t I guess that will be the democrats fault?

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“A shutdown falls on the President’s lack of leadership. He can’t even control his party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the President is weak” Donald Trump on the 2013 government shut down.

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But Trump wasn’t the president then, now that he is everything is still Obama’s fault,^^ you should know that.

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Dems holding out on DACA is the hold up. And no, Trumps supporters do not want illegals granted amnesty.

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70% of Americans favor DACA. Link Since Trump’s support is hovering around 40%, this would include at least about a quarter of supporters.

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Unfortunately your poll doesn’t define what they want done with DACA. do we want to give citizenship or just make them legal. If you grant citizenship or even just a pathway to it, you need to do something about chained migration. Otherwise the 800K DACA immigrants turn into tens of millions.

There is no DACA bill written at this point so adding it to the CR becomes rather time consuming and complex. The Dems are holding everyone hostage for something that doesn’t currently exist and there is nothing in the CR that the Dems object to. Seems like we could at least pass what we agree on and battle on things where we don’t. Right now we seem to be battling whether we agree or not.

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It would not take long to put together a DACA bill. It is really not that hard to create something similar to what was there before. The Republicans keep saying that they want to help these children of immigrants, but they have done nothing so far and there is no reason to believe they would do anything in the future.

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Maybe, maybe not. It appears that Schumer has blinked and the Gov will reopen. The question of legal residency or citizenship is still open for debate and that’s where the debate is headed next time.

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