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At the end of the Kobayashi Maru in Star Trek two did you think this (details inside)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13067points) January 21st, 2018

When the wall opens I thought that James T. Kirk would save the day? That It wasn’t a simulator . Also what would or could you do in the Kobayashi Maru? I thought it over and would hail the Klingons before entering Klingon space, and not violate the netural zone treaty.

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No, I didn’t. (I knew the bridge shouldn’t open that way and it wouldn’t make much sense for him to appear like that.)

You can hail the Klingons but the simulation no doubt does not have them programmed to ever allow you to rescue the KM crew without violating the treaty and moving where they can attack you.

Not really knowing what the regulations and orders are, I think though that there’s a fairly easy out to do as you say and honor the treaty and just record the Klingons’ actions as causing the dilemma that prevents rescue. I would make sure we were recording everything and then insist that the Klingons either accommodate our rescue operation, or rescue the crew themselves, or else they may be held accountable, but carefully scan for Klingons while not entering the Neutral Zone without permission and safe distance from Klingons. I assume the result is the KM crew dies, but we don’t violate the treaty and the responsibility is laid at the Klingons’ feet.

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