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How important is flaxseed to a healthy diet?

Asked by siralexisbest (5points) August 15th, 2008

What does flaxseed do or what is it in regards to a normal diet?

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I use a small coffee grinder – not used for anything else – to grind fresh seeds every few days. (Keep whole seeds and ground powder refrigerated). I sprinkle a few teaspoons on oatmeal, cottage cheese and fresh fruit, cereal, toast and a spread.

Read what The Mayo Clinic says. (I googled “flaxseed.)

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Flaxseed is high in omega 3s which are very good for you.

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Thank you. I am so glad to have to have come across this website.

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@Do we have a shill here ^^?

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I use flax meal in muffins. I keep it in my freezer.

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M: ground or the whole seed? As an aside, I plant a few seeds in the late spring outside. They sprout into pretty leggy plants with the typical blue flax flower.

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@gc I buy it ground.

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This explains the importance of flaxseed pretty well. It’s pretty essential as a source of some important fatty acids.
Flaxseed by Zoe Foods

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@Marina; I don’t love hanging around the kitchen, but I do buy the whole seeds, freeze them and grind in their own special little grinder twice a week. It makes me feel so holy that I go back to eating store-bought salsa off a spoon for a meal.

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I always take fish oil. Is that the same thing?

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