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Should the United Nations tax and cap governments who have more than $1 trillion dollars per year?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) January 22nd, 2018

Or any amount. To help third world countries. Could they do it? Also could the U.N. give a Basic Income Guarantee for countries and their citizens world wide?

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No. It wouldn’t make sense for it to work that way, even if you could get people to agree to the principle you’re going for.

And no, the UN couldn’t do anything like that, not with the ideas and the people it has in it currently.

But if the idea of meeting everyone’s basic needs takes hold, eventually the UN might be a place to discuss aspects of what actually makes sense to do, but I don’t think that would look like the UN applying a decision throughout the world.

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If the UN handled such things, they should go after the US government for having so many impoverished people.

If countries that can afford to take care of their own won’t do it of free will, how could we force countries to? There is far too much greed in the heads of those pulling the strings…

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They have no authority to do so.

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Since no nation has guaranteed a basic income yet on a national scale, it certainly is not going to happen on a global scale. Finland has been trying out a universal basic income on a limited scale.

It does not make sense to cap how much a person, nation or company can make. What is supposed to happen when the limit is passed? Fire you employees? It is better to just use a progressive tax. The U.N. is already doing that by assessing richer countries at a higher rate of GDP than poorer countries. Link

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