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The article says it all. To please the fans. Some fans just have this weird mindset that idols are some kind of inhuman creatures who are born for them only, so they would never accept that their idols can have a life like any human being and go on dates. When they get a lover, those fans will think they betray them to be owned by someone else rather than enjoying life in a normal way.

And fans turning away means less money for the bosses. The bosses don’t care for anything, as long as they have money.

This is something weird I notice in Japanese idols and the K-Pop scene, although I don’t see the K-Pop bosses banning their singers from having affair. What are those fans thinking anyway?

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The world we live in is really weird..!!

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Basically, keeps up the fans’ fantasy that they have the slightest chance of going out with their favorite singer.

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Not sure it’s just the Japanese entertainment industry. I read a few things saying that at first, they were trying to keep it a secret that John Lennon was dating someone when he was in the Beatles. I’m pretty sure a few bands/ singers that are super popular might try to hide that. Especially boy bands. I know it’s not as common in America (lots of people know who’s dating who etc) but they probably do try and keep it a secret for as long as possible.

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As far as it being contractually forbidden, that’s probably not occurring in America, but still.
They do that to maintain that “irresistible”(?) image. And seeing a wedding ring or sign that they are in a relationship might tone that fangirl stuff down a bit. I’ve seen posts of people who lose a bit of love for celebrities that they found out were in a relationship. Could be because subconsciously (or not) some of these people that are idolizing these performers might have some hope they could be with them, and that commitment ruins that fantasy

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