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How do I convert my artificial Christmas Tree into a Mulberry Bush?

Asked by Yellowdog (6147points) January 22nd, 2018

I feel kinda silly playing “Here we go ‘round the Mulberry Bush” with my Christmas Tree— first of all because its NOT a Mulberry Bush, and secondly, because its too late in the season for Christmas trees. All I’ve done so far is pour Mulberry essential oils all over it.

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

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I just took all the ornaments off mine but left most of the multi colored ice cycles on, so it can double as a multi colored ice cycie bush. Does that help?

It’s standing at the entrance to the hall waiting for us to get motivated to fold yp the branches and wrap it in a sheet for storage

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We’ve got Mardi Gras and Valentines Day right next to each other, so the ol’ Bush’ll be decked out in Mardi Gras beads and Valentines and Doilies and Cupids— not much different from Christmas with angels, cherubs, snowflakes, etc etc

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Bibbidi bobbidi boo requires a magic wand, and they don’t exist

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Don’t they……

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