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What do you think of Dan Rather joining the Young Turks?

Asked by gorillapaws (27536points) January 25th, 2018

Dan Rather has a new weekly news show on The Young Turks. Here’s a clip from his first show What I Hope We Can Achieve With This Show.
What are your thoughts? Will you watch it? Are you a fan of Rather?

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Dan Rather is a poetic pit bull.
He got a raw deal on his dismissal from CBS. I am sure he will be fascinating.

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Not a YT fan, and that video of Dan Rather put me to sleep.

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I do not know, who that is.

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@ragingloli: “I do not know, who that is.”

this guy

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@ragingloli He won a lifetime achievement Emmy award, and the Peabody award like 7 times.

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I always liked his reporting, seemed more factual than most.

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I have an extremely low opinion of the YT . I think less of Mr. Rather for joining forces with them.

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I honestly thought he had passed away.

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Unfortunate. YT has always annoyed the hell out of me.

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I’ve never heard or seen the Young Turks but Dan Rather has been writing some of the smartest analyses of what is happening in today’s America that I have seen online. I thoroughly respect him.

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Dan Rather is one of the old guard TV news reporters, back when they were actually journalists who investigated and wrote news, rather than reading corporate lines.

He was dismissed as anchor of one of the USA’s “big three” network news TV shows, CBS Evening News, in 2005, after his news team reported on a story about George W. Bush’s military service during the 2004 election season, which turned out to have some documents that were faked a source for some reason. Although Rather was mainly guilty of being in charge and trusting his coworkers to have fully vetted everything, this was spun into a story about Rather being terrible or conspiring to try to go after Bush. It continues to be a talking-point for alt-right types to villify and discredit Rather and whatever he might have to say that might be critical of Republicans or the right-wing. (Which as it turns out is a lot, especially with the Trump circus and the ridiculous depths to which the corporate news media has sunk.)

As for The Young Turks, I don’t have much patience for Internet news videos or opinion pieces. However the few times I have watched The Young Turks, I have been following links to stories I already agreed with, and was very happy to see someone outspoken about issues that don’t get attention in the corporate news media. Apart from being more on a rant than I think is effective for changing minds, and not focusing on reporting as convincingly as possible, I didn’t have major complaints about them. (I’d be curious to hear specific complaints others may have.)

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