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Who is more powerful: Samantha on Bewitched, Jeanie on I Dream of Jeanie, or Anthony Fremont on The Twilight Zone?

Asked by Yellowdog (6037points) January 25th, 2018

I’d say Jeanie because she can make every day Sunday. Everyone knows its Sunday and behaves accordingly.

Samantha needs spells and magic words to do her magic (not always, but sometimes—Jeanie just blinks).

Anthony Fremont may SAY its Sunday or a Good Day or a Good Life, but I don’t think everyone agrees.

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Samantha was not restricted as to time or place or intention.

Jeannie could only do what her master wished or desired.

Anthony Fremont’s power only went as far as the area of his small town.

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You have a point as far as the magic goes.

However I would tend to say Samantha, because she’s more adult and socially intelligent than the others. She’s more likely to understand what’s going on so use her magic more effectively. Jeanie was often doing powerful but unwanted things. Anthony was mainly dangerous.

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Youi both have good points. Samantha was the only one who was solution-oriented and even willing to do things the mortal way. If such powers existed, Samantha would keep things the way they ought to be. Keeping things orderly and safe is a skill and power in itself.

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Jeanie is claustrophobic. Lock her inside of anything, and she is useless.
Sam can get herself out of anywhere, but also Aunt Clara, who.habitually ended up in closets and chimneys.
Sam has a doctor. If Jeanie gets sick, she has to weather through it.
Biggest point of all, Sam had no trouble getting her man. Jeanie spent years; tying up master, sending master back to the room he just left, tricking master, putting master into a locked cage, chasing master all the way to space.

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Q, of course.

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The writers.

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Jeannie and Samantha’s powers were limited as they were kept secret from mortals. There were no such constraints on Anthony who could do anything he wanted. His powers would also increase as he got older.

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Both Jeannie and Samantha had limits and frustrations. Anthony was seemingly without limits.

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This is hilarious! Adults having a “serious” on the merits of fictional magical people!

Hey..are any of them more powerful than God?

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Majin Buu is stronger than God. He killed and ate a lot of them.

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Dutchess: None of these fictitious magic people are omniscient—their knowledge of what’s going on is quite limited. None are eternal, and all can be destroyed or eliminated.

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Seems like on “I Dream of Jeanie” it was said that one Djinn or Genie can be “blinked out” (of existence) by two Genies—that I DO remember,

Not sure how Samantha could be destroyed but it seems like the witches on Bewitched were constantly struggling with limitations that would suggest that they or their powers could be annihilated—Anthony Fremont could possibly be killed like a normal child, with a fireplace poker or iron skillet, but everyone was afraid to do it. Maybe it wouldn’t’ve worked but I assume it would. Part of the effect of the story was that it probably COULD be done but everyone was afraid.

No fair saying a pale of water will melt a witch. The Wicked Witch of the West had far less power than Samantha. The most powerful thing she ever did was glue the lion to the floor (in the book, not the movie).

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Anthony Fremont visited Samantha at her house for Christmas.
She took him to meet Santa Claus. He is sweet now.
Prize goes to Sam.

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