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What is the deal with the Man O War chat room?

Asked by Snoopy (5793points) August 15th, 2008

Every time I go there…..noone else is there. Are you all hiding from me? sniffle Should my feelings be hurt? Are there chatrooms on Fluther?

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Or the watering hole?

I am not a spammer. Just a flying ace.

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The Man O War chat room is for flutherers to go when they have some sort of feedback for the site. The chat room is monitored daily, so if you leave a message or any sort of feedback, we see it so, no your feelings shouldn’t be hurt :). Also, fluther does have a social chat room called the Watering Hole. To prevent it being used by trolls and spammers, the link to the chat room is private. If you would like a link to the chat room, PM me or any of the chat mods (JP, Allie, del, Riser) and you’ll get a link to it.

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To make that a little easier:

Del is kinda busy right now and so is Riser, and Allie is at Burning Man. PnL and I are probably your best bets to get a quick response.

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Scrap the Allie at Burning Man thing. That starts on the 25th.

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i think it’s sad that everyone is busy except for me and you. no life! at least i’ll be busy starting tonigggggggggght :D

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