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When did the mainstream media start complaining about the debt?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) January 26th, 2018

In different countries? Like Canada and USA and other countries? How much debt did the countries have before it got noticed by the media? Can you give the year if you remember? When did you personly start caring about the federal or local debt?

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I personally started caring about our debt back about 2006, when Bush II started driving it up like crazy. I don’t remember the last time the media really cared about the debt though. I seem to remember they talked about it back in those days. I think they talked about it more when Obama was driving it up, but the talk was all about blaming Bush, so I don’t count that as really caring about it…just making excuses. Propaganda.

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I started caring about the debt when I was 17 in 1995 when Alberta’s premier Ralph Klien talked about cutting option classes in high school. Like drama and music. We owed $40 billion dollars in debt.

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^Any improvement on that front in Alberta or it has gotten worse?

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@imrainmaker It got paid off in 1999 on the backs of Alberta’s citizens and two years ago got $10.5 billion in debt per year. So was just a rainy day fund and the low oil and gas prices got back into debt.

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Republicans got us to notice many years ago (when Democrats were in power), but it seems they like to run it up too.

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