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Can anyone advise me how to prevent limescale developing in a brand-new kettle?

Asked by Adagio (14050points) January 26th, 2018

I ask because my previous kettle developed it and it was hard to get rid of it. I thought there may be some way to prevent it developing at all; perhaps a regular treatment with something or other?

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Scrub with vinegar once a week.

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@zenvelo is that something you have done yourself, with success? : ^)

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Use filtered water. I fill my teakettle from a trusty Brita pitcher, and I’ve never had any mineral deposits. The Brita company even sells a kettle with a filter; I don’t believe it’s sold in the U.S., though.

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@Adagio I have not used it on a kettle, but I have used it on a coffee maker. I put two cups of vinegar into the coffee maker reservoir, then turned it on so it would run through the whole process.

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@zenvelo Interesting, thanks for that, I wonder if adding some vinegar to the water in a full kettle and boiling would do the trick. I wonder how much vinegar you would need, and I also wonder about getting rid of the smell?

@Love_my_doggie I have a Brita water filter but 98% of the water is not used for anything food related, so tapwater it is I’m afraid. Great idea though, and if I was going to be ingesting drink or food I would definitely be using filtered water.

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I run ½ pot vinegar through my coffee maker a couple times a year instead of water. Then I run a full pot of water to clean out the vinegar.

I can’t see the heating element. I am guessing about the necessity. In a kettle you have the advantage of seeing what is going on.

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WE have a water softener then it is run through a reverse osmosis ,and our kettle is just over twenty years old and still looks brand new.

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Buy the cheapest white vinegar you can find. There’s no point in buying nice vinegar for cleaning. And you can re-use it until the acidity is gone.

Vinegar is a great cleaner, de-scaler, and deodorizer.

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After reading your suggestions and further looking on the Internet, I have decided to make sure the kettle is always emptied of water at night and wiped dry. I am also going to add vinegar to the water once a week or so, boil the kettle and rinse well. Hopefully this regime will prevent the development of limescale. One thing I learnt from a website was not to leave the kettle full of water at night, and to wipe dry at the end of the day, after 57 years of life I had not been aware of this.

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We use reverse osmosis water in our coffee maker.

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