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How many slices of pizza can you eat at a sitting?

Asked by janbb (59163points) January 29th, 2018

I usually eat 3 small slices or one large one but tonight I ate 4 small slices. Just made me wonder what other people do.

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Most I can eat is one 10 inch pizza and pop in one sitting.

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All of them.

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Same as you @janbb. 3 small slices or a large one.

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I have often had 5/8ths of a large pizza at one sitting.

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The whole f’ing pizza, does not matter how big. I usually try to limit it to half or a third.

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Hmm. at least two. Maybe four if it’s the whole day starving.

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I limit myself to 3, but I could eat most of the pizza if I wanted.

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I can pack away a whole large by myself. I try not to, at least not in one sitting, but I can.

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I can only eat one of Costco’s giant, delicious pizza slices.

With a frozen DiGiorno pizza, or something similar, I usually eat 3 slices, but I could eat 4, but I would be stuffed.

I just ate an entire pizza from Blaze Pizza, which is one of those new chains where you pick your crust, sauce, and any toppings, all for $7.99, but they are meant to be “individual” pizzas, but I really should have only eaten half, and taken the other half home.

With takeout pizzas like Little Caesers or Dominos, I usually eat 2 or 3 slices.

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I got a medium two topping (peperoni and sausage) from pizza hut a few night ago. I can’t really do more than two slices at a time. One Costco slice destroys me and there will be leftovers.

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I can kill a whole pizza. But I hate how it feels. It’s usually not a sober endeavor…

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Six small squares.

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A 16” large thick crust? With all the fixin’s?? At LEAST half. When I was 16 I could eat the whole thing.

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I can eat a whole large (16”) pizza, but I’ll regret it (mentally, even if not always physically) in a hour or two. I usually prefer to eat half that much, which works out perfectly for the moment because my wife and son can eat half of a large pizza together.

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My standard these days is French bread pizza that I make myself, and I limit myself to two slices. Which means “half a loaf”, but “two slices” makes me seem less gluttonous.

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I haven’t tested my limits. Depends on how hungry I am. The most I’ve had recently is 8 (entire medium pizza), though more often I just eat 4, or maybe 5–6.

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I occasionally eat an entire medium size pizza cut into six slices.

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When I was in high school my buddy an I ate an entire large pizza pie with everything on it by ourselves. No problem. I’m pretty sure that he ate more pieces than I did.

Nowadays if I eat more than two small pieces then I’ll suffer greatly for it. My 67 year old guts can’t handle fatty foods well anymore.

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I always eat three. I’ve had enough of it by then.

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When I was younger and much more active, and If I was really hungry I used to be able to eat 3. Just inhaling them. Now, even if I’m really hungry, I can only eat 1, and then half a bread stick or something.

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Two is my limit.

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I can eat all 8 slices of a 14” pizza, if I’ve eaten little or nothing at least 6 hours before; 5 if I’ve previously eaten a salad.

I only eat it with fruit and veggie toppings, so I guess the fiber makes me feel less blocked than if I added dead flesh.

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I like pineapple pizza!

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I occasionally like it too.

It gives your palate and your digestive system an offset to the accompanying salt, animal fat, and bad carbs!

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