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Did you ever compromise on salary for work satisfaction or work environment?

Asked by imrainmaker (8370points) February 2nd, 2018

Did you ever agree on less pay or equivalent due to the type of work or work culture etc? Do you think it was a good decision on your part? How much importance do you give to these parameters while choosing new job?

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Yes. Every single day. And I love my job.

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My boss refused to give me a raise so instead I asked him to praise me in public instead. Great deal and didn’t cost my boss a cent.

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Yes, absolutely. I want to work remotely, at home. I want to work hours that work for me. I prefer to work on games, not business applications. I prefer to work with people I like, and be treated well. I prefer to work on projects I like and find interesting. Ideally, I’d be paid to develop my own games. All of those things are worth a lot to me, and make my life better than more money would.

I’ve made that kind of trade-off all the time, and no I don’t regret it at all.

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Yes, no regrets either.

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Oh sure.

I’ve taken lower paying jobs so I could get my foot in the door in a new area/industry a couple of times.

The job I have now pays less, but it’s full time benefits and I only have to be on campus three days a week.

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I live cheap.. No kids, no car. My rent + electric + phone = 400 a month.

The worst job I ever had was working in a NAPA auto parts warehouse. But I had landed in a new city and only had 80 bucks and needed cash. And the temp agency put me to work there the next day. Backbreaking work and very dangerous with all the drunk dudes driving forklifts around. Got out fast.

But generally I have hated going to work but not really hated my jobs.

Now I mostly do freelance computer stuff. And yeah.. I can pretty quickly tell if a person will be a nightmare to work with and I make up a excuse to get out of it.

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Kind of along the same lines but I chose not to work in Houston, Dallas or any other large city knowing I could make way more money in my chosen field but not wanting to live in such an environment. Overall, yeah, I am happy with my choice but sometimes I think I should have chosen a different line of work in a small West Texas town instead.

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Yes…i quit a toxic work place
And a very high paying job in the corporate world to watch my baby grow up. Life is too short to not do what you like to do. I think there are always opportunities to have a career if you really want to. Never limit yourself in life. If you believe sitting behind a desk in an office is the only way to make a living you will always feel trapped in life professionally. Do not listen to others..follow your inner voice. Culture is very important when picking a job. Different personalities suit different cultures. Some companies only focus on profits and do not care whether employees kill each other to do so. Some companies genuinely demand that employees respect each other..those are usually better to work for.

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