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What are good substitutes for eggs, butter and milk for someone who eats vegetarian?

Asked by Tantigirl (1709points) August 15th, 2008

My daughter is vegetarian, her friend is vegan. Can anyone recommend substitutes for the above in cake recipes, bread etc?

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Soy products, vegetable oil, and yogurt are what I’ve used. I can’t help you with measurements though….

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You’ll find that applesauce if a common substitute as a moistener.

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Tofu, avocado, nuts and nut butter, and green leafy vegetables for calcium. You might want to look at the Sneaky Chef cookbook. They have ways of incorperating vegetables and replacing fat with vegetables you wouldn’t think of.

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@trumi Surely yoghurt has some milk in it, hasn’t it?

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Flax gets slimy when hot water is put on it and that makes a great egg substitute. For butter I just use olive oil, and milk I use soy milk or rice milk. Almond milk and hemp milk are also great mild substitutes.

ETA – 1/4 cup of the slimy goo is equal to one egg.

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I find that Vegemite stands in well for all three :)

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Eggs: health food stores sell dedicated “egg replacer”, that I think is just potato starch and xanthan gum. It changes the texture slightly, but not the taste. I’ve also known vegetarians to substitute bananas for eggs on a 1:2 ratio.

Butter: just try shortening. I prefer Earth Balance, since it’s so healthy anyway. And it tastes lovely. Be sure to soften it first before using it in a baking recipe! Or melt it, if that is what’s called for.

Milk: any alternative milk will do here: soy, rice. I prefer plain soymilk in my baking recipes, as the vanilla tends to taste more like artificial vanilla to me.

Hope these help!

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Having now reflected on the question why not get a proper vegetarian cook book and go from there. I’ve eaten in a lot of great veggie restaurants and what they all had in common was they all had in common was they served really original food that did not rely on substituting stuff for the missing meat (or what ever). Yeah , it is a bit of an acquired taste but I think much preferable to sitting there looking at your reconstituted myco-protein mush.

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Sorry, I meant Soy Yogurt.

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You might want to check out the Not Milk site.

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PIneapple juice works well with dry cereal (as does unsweetened apple sauce.)

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butter= earth balance or other vegan spread
eggs= oil or banana (depending on the recipe)
milk= soy or almond milk

You can consult vegan recipes online or in books to get exact amounts for swaps. How kind of you to make them special food! I was vegetarian for a long time and it wasn’t always easy!

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Thanks everyone. All of these answers are very helpful. My daughter has been a veggie since around April this year, so I’m still learning what works, and what is available where.

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@Tanti: Veggie is easy; vegan is really hard. Try to have a dinner party and cater to everyone’s taste. I tell my hosts to cook what they planned, and I will be very happy to eat what I like – it is the company that matters. Vegan, kosher, vegetarian, Mexican, anti-halapeƱos, meat and potatoes – you can go nuts..

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All depends on how you look at it. Christmas for me until we moved was a wide range of foods. Menu consisted of Kosher foods, vegan foods, gluten free foods, nut free foods, diabetic friendly foods, and traditional foods. Yep and 20 people to eat those different foods.

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@Cooksalot; Do you travel?

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No, I was born and raised in Hawaii, went to Woodbury Univeristy in California. Then married and moved to Oregon. Had children moved to Vancouver, Washington (the suburbs of Portland lol) Husband had a choice of layoff or move so now I live in Idaho. In between all that, I grew up with parents that wanted my sick grandmother to see all the things she wanted to see before she died sooo… We went to Canada, New York, Washington DC, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and I think that was it. Oh and my aunt them took her to Japan. I myself have never been to Japan but I have a cousin that lives there, and lots of friends in Canada.
I have a MIL that has Celiacs, a FIL that is Jewish, and a Nephew that is a Vegan. My Kids and I have severe nut allergies, and I have Diabetes. So you see were I’m stuck at there right?
WHEW! Now that was close to being a novel.

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I’m vegan and do a lot of cooking and baking. Here is what I use:

Eggs – applesauce and canola oil
Butter – a little bit of canola or olive oil
Milk – rice milk

You can use soy products too, but the jury is still out on whether or not soy is healthy.

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Oh and I forgot my kids and I are lactose intolerant too.

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I hope you are taking good nutritional supplements

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