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Of all the jobs you've had, which has been your favorite?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) August 15th, 2008

Past or present, anything.

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Wine taster.

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I suppose you could call it events coordinator, but it was all very informal and great fun!

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My present job, hands down. I work in a university clinic that designs and builds custom assistive equipment for people with disabilities. I get to exercise my design brain which I love, build things using expensive tools which I love, and spend time with some amazing people which I love.

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I haven’t had many jobs, but I really like being a barista. Once you get used to it and you can make the coffee really fast, it’s really fun.

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Selling vintage clothing. It’s much more (mentally) rewarding than legal slave.

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Managerial Director at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen…..Incredibly humbling.

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Projectionist at a movie theater. I only worked for about 2 hours out of a 8 hours shift. And alarms would go off and I got to fix stuff while under pressure. I actually enjoyed it when 400 people were watching a movie and I had to figure out why there wasn’t any sound. It was stressful but it felt good when you fixed the problem.

edit :: I also did the same type of work at a TV station. Except if something broke it 100k people were affected. But I couldn’t see and hear them so it wasn’t the same.

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I enjoyed working at an Apple store for a couple of years. Some of the best people I’ve ever worked with in any job. Everyone had a positive attitude, loved the products, loved the company they worked for and generally loved their jobs. Sure there were bad days when you’d get a horrible customer, but there was a good team of people to back you up and make it all go away. They had good benefits, tons of discounts on Apple-related products, nice presents from Steve Jobs like iPods, iPhones, etc. I’d still be there today if I hadn’t decided to join the Air Force. Which is also a good job but I think that Apple still tops it as far as me loving the job and having fun doing it.

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Cocktail waitress at a local sports bar. It was like going to a party every night.

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I’ve had three careers and loved them all. Astronomical research, French teacher and Director of College Placement. (The last two allowed me to work at the schools my kids were attending. I loved seeing them in my peripheral vision, and they loved having free rides and an interest-free loan shark available.)

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working at a driving range, great perks.

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ninjaxmarc….nice one!
How many rounds were gratis?
Better yet, how many were you given per week/month?

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more than I could remember. At least 4 per month with unlimited balls for the range. It helped with my single digit handicap. Unfortunately, I had to give up this hobby for another.

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Bummer…...I love going to the range….It’s very therapeutic.
I’ll often play 9 on my own.

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golf has always been relaxing when your not competing.

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Working at a dairy barn. I was a lot of work, but it was decently easy and laid back. The birthing process wasn’t much fun though.

@ninja- I’ve always found it relaxing. Even on my high school golf team. It’s good stuff.

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I’m on my game when not competing. Hot tempers and flying irons spoil the fun.

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My paper route.

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When I was a DJ at various radio stations here in Mississippi. The pay always stunk, but to be able to share your insight about the artists and get creative with the commercial/promo production was always fulfilling.

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I’ve liked a lot, even most, of my jobs, but I very much like what I am doing now. I have a fabulous boss: me. ;)

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I believe what I am doing now, managing an IT organization, is my favorite.

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haha. I work for IT.

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Working in the kitchen of the local Moose club for Friday Night Fish Fries.

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When i supervise middle to top managers of once flourishing company here in our place.. They have this WELLNESS program wherein they were asked to do routine scientific physical exercises to note the wellness of their muscle and heart coordination, testing their agility and stamina towards certain goal or limit.. In the process i was also given the chance to test my own pace and stamina.. While earning i am also enjoying my work..

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