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If you became President tomorrow, no questions asked. What would you do to change America?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) August 15th, 2008

Ironic that my sentence no questions asked was followed by a question.

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All Dr. Ron Paul would have done. I don’t have a single thing I don’t oppose from his plan. Unfortunitely he isn’t on the ballot anymore due to ignorance of the masses caused mainly by greedy Corp mainstream media. :(

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Universal health care. I would then consider my job done and walk away into the night.

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I would make finding alternative fuel sources a real priority.

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20% of tax revenues go directly to paying off the national debt.

Any budget that projects more spending than revenues goes directly back to Congress with a clear mandate: they can either decide to raise taxes or they can decide to cut programs. If you want a government program, you need to pay for it. Deficit spending is like living on credit cards: it lets you have a really nice lifestyle, but soon enough you find yourself making minimum payments and ignoring the phone.

For every dollar spent on the military, foreign aid, and welfare programs, there would be at least one dollar spent on things with direct domestic benefit – maintaining and building transportation infrastructure, energy research with an eye towards eliminating our dependence on foreign oil, support for early childhood education and scientific research.

Every security measure proposed by the TSA would be vetted by actual security experts such as Bruce Schneier. Proposing one bit of security theater that actually makes things less secure—the idiotic RFID in passports, most of the antics of the TSA in airports—would be cause for dismissal.

For that matter, proposing that the President do something clearly in contravention of the Constitution—warrantless wiretapping, holding people indefinitely without a trial—would also result in immediate dismissal.

These are not things that are likely to get me elected President.

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I would make a FLAT 15% tax across all citizens and corporations, this would eliminate the national debt in 5 years, seeing as how corporations with incomes in the billions would give 15% of that, rather then the measly amount by comparison that they pay today.,

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I think there is a lot I would do. I was concentrate on alternative fuels strongly. I also would cut salaries of the senate, congress, and sports players. Not sure how I would do the last one but I would get it done.

Basically try and make everyone equal. I would cut taxes for things long gone. And concentrate on building a healthy united states. Possibly free health care if we kept
Taxes the same as they are now.

Just my two cents.

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1) Cure Cancer. I’d direct massive amounts of money to resolving this issue. I’d only allow government money go to a single national cancer foundation where all the doctors worked as a cooperative instead of having massive number of firms trying to resolve it themselves and duplicating their efforts.

2) A flat tax for corporations and people. I’m not sure what the rate would be, but it would be something doable by all.

3) Eliminate the electorial college and have elections by popular vote.

4) Quit trying to be responsible for the world!

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Second JP. Healthcare free at the point of use.

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I’d find a better person than myself to be the president.

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Restore the Constitution and the rule of law. Admit mistakes. Shift priorities from military and kickbacks to education and research.

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I’d make gay marriage legal!

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I would take all of the susidies and tax breaks given to oil companies and make affordable solar panels available to every household

I would attempt to repair the damage done to the consitution and to the rights of citizens.

I would get rid of lobbiests and special interest groups, require at least 90% attendance/participation in debate and voting for the House and Senate, and inflict severe penalties in cases of graft.

I would involve our country in a proactive, responsible plan for world wide climate impact control and work to protect the wilderness, wildlife and ecosystems that are still feasible.

I have no idea how to fix our health care system, but dammed if I wouldn’t get the most brilliant and realistic minds available (rather than crony-ism and political appointees) to work on it. Ditto for the education system.

And then I would begin my second week…..

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There’s too much to do. My head would explode before I could even get started.

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Get rid of social security, lower taxes, eliminate the patriot act, institute a limit of one on the number of abortions an individual may get, make fuel derived from food illegal, eliminate free speech zones, invade Iran and the dictatorships in Africa, stop asking china for money, stop giving tax dollars to foreign countries, ensure that universal health care is never adopted, and other things i cant think of right now.

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