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What's something you wish you weren't good at?

Asked by longgone (18299points) February 7th, 2018

Something life has forced you to practise and ultimately master.

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Teaching. I’m really good at leading a discussion class but I have terrible stage fright so my success comes at the price of a lot of angst.

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Being a skeptic.

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Telling white lies

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Chess. People stop playing with me after I cream them over and over.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Did you see any of the Alphazero Stockfish games?

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@flutherother No. I didn’t know about them until now. Will Google.

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The games are on Youtube. They are computer chess programmes playing each other.

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@flutherother I will watch some videos tonight. Thanks.

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Living alone

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Unfortunately I’m a very good listener and conflict resolver. Everyone comes to me with their problems!

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Putting up different faces for different types of people. Sometimes I’m just sick of having to behave in a way I don’t want, but it’s the only way to keep myself out of troubles.

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Being nice and honest lol.

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Navigating American healthcare. And euthanizing sick aquarium fish.

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My answer: navigating the mental health system. I’ve been dealing with depressed family members, and a friend asked me for advice on a similar issue. I was glad to help her, but couldn’t help thinking I wish I were the go-to expert on rainbows and butterflies…not depression.

Thanks, interesting answers.

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