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What should and shouldn't be hushed up?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) February 7th, 2018

From the government. Humor and serious answers welcome.

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Something that should be hushed up is a blow by blow description of Donald Trump’s proctology exam, should he ever have one.

Things that shouldn’t be hushed up (and should be criminally investigated) are all of the allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct brought forth against Donald Trump.

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Nothing should be hushed up, they work for us, we elect and pay them. The truth doesn’t change just the spin.

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@KNOWITALL Everything? What about young offenders getting records destroyed at 18?

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Okay unless it was a felony. Pu lic officials shoulx be held to higher standards.

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In regards to information; there are many things that should not be available to the public. If the information wasn’t so easy to legally data mine, it would be far less an issue.

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100% transparency.

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@SergeantQueen Do you think that everything, including sensitive American military intelligence, or trade secrets, or the addresses of people under the witness protection, or women who are hiding from their abusers, or personal information about people’s children, or anyone’s medical records should be available to anyone who wants to know?

Government agencies, are usually the ones that keep all of this stuff private, for ours, and your protection.

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No. That’s not what I meant. Sorry. I meant more things that concern the American people as a whole, and are not a danger if found out or shared or whatnot. I thought that’s what Transparency meant in government.

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