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Do you think, 100+ years from now, our audio will need to be restored?

Asked by SergeantQueen (7354points) February 8th, 2018

Here’s a video of historical voices of famous people. Obviously, some of these recordings are very old and were made on old recording things like wax cylinders, etc. So that means that a lot of it had to be restored because of all the cackling and stuff. Thanks to technology today we are able to get rid of all that extra stuff and hear them, which is cool. Do you think that in like 100 years or so when technology advances even more, that people will need to, in a way, restore our recordings to be able to hear our voices?

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Sure. The technology is going to keep changing. It will need transferring to the new media for sure and probably restoring for quality.

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Of course.
Current technology is not made to last, it is made to fail and be replaced every couple of years, an inevitability of this current economic system.

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Yes. But not all of it will be WORTH restoring.

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Yes everything is susceptible to data rot.

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@SergeantQueen Data degradation, also known as data decay or data rot, is a colloquial computing phrase for the gradual decay of storage media. It should not be confused with “bit rot”, defined in the Jargon File as a jocular explanation for the degradation of a software program over time even if “nothing has changed”.

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Oh. wow. Never knew that was a thing to be honest

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Digital audio (or anything) is ones and zeros. If you wanted you could output the ones and zeros from a CD into a text file. And then print it out on paper if you have 500K dollars to spend on ink and paper.

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For shits and giggles I just did this.. Not the actual printing. But converting a MP3 audio file to binary.

xxd -b /Users/johnpowell/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Music/Bad\ Religion/All\ Ages/08\ Against\ The\ Grain.mp3 >> ATG.txt

Here it is in binary. warning.. 63MB

Some fun facts.. A 5.3MB MP3 in Binary is ~63.2MB. That includes a bit of extra stuff xxd outputs.

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