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What are the alternatives to adult diapers?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) February 10th, 2018

Are there any alternatives if elderly people are not comfortable / unwilling to wear them?

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Colostomy bags.

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They have thicker underpants called Depends that are not as obnoxious as diapers.

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These may be suitableā€¦

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I’m not sure which end is incontinent or if the elderly person is male or female.
After my surgery I had experience with urinary incontinence.
One of the devices i used was an incontinence clamp. Yep . It does what you think it would do.
You clamp it on for a couple of hours to stay dry and, when ready, release the clamp and out it comes. You can do this in a public restroom and nobody is the wiser.

I eventually had sling surgery and that fixed it. Whew!

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