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How do you determine who is in your fluther? (I can't find this in the searched although I thought I saw it)

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) August 15th, 2008

If this has been asked i’m sorry I couldn’t find it. I do it based on the questions and answers of people. Also the tone of them. Some times, their icons. Yes im talking to you delirium and uberbatman. Just kidding. So what is up? Thanks in advance

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When I think someone is intelligent and interesting (and doesn’t think I’m going to hell :D ), and I think that they are going to stick around, I add them.

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^ Yup, what he said!

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I make it very easy, Brian, and include no one. My fluther cupboard is bare.

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I have added people because I like their answers and their web-sonalities. I still don’t quite get the point of adding someone or being added, but I kind of like it.

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It’s a mix of: seeing a post from someone and remembering I want to keep taps on them and spotting someone added me and remembering I want to keep taps on them.
I’ve taken to PMing people that I add first just so they can let me know if they rather I didn’t. Just in case it seems rude.

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I agree. I’m new here, and I’ve added people to my fluther that I find interesting. Most are old faces from Askville, but increasingly I’m sure they will be people I’ve meet here.

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I only add people I have slept with.

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@ Gail ah, no one offended or left out

@ Sueanne Temendous I am not quite sure myself, maybe like a quick link address book

@ wildflower – always one step ahead of me.

@ tabbycat – I have heard others do that.

@ johnpowell – ok so technically we didn’t sleep but geeze com’on!

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fluther record for ”@“s?

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@Bri – or everyone is included and therefore happy.

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I do like gail’s response. I am the over sensative type and can feel left out. That is on me. I am my own biggest butthead sometimes.

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You get around JP!!

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Seriously: I use it to let people know I appreciate what they bring to the community. It is like a public “Great answer.”

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@wildflower :: I listen to a lot of 2Pac.

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that explains a lot…..

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Bri_L, I have added you to my fluther. I don’t know you very well yet, but you seem interesting from your profile.

If you feel left out, you must remember that it’s often because people don’t know you well yet, not because anyone is consciously excluding you.

As I say, I’m new here, and I don’t quite know how useful adding people to one’s fluther is. I might end up just giving up and adding no one, like Gail. But I don’t think I will delete anyone from my fluther unless there is a good reason because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel I was mad at them.

I’m still experimenting.

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@ tabbycat – thanks for the advice. I have serious issues there, I was the quiet twin the other one used to build himself up on. I am really working on it. I have this terribel thing with wanting everyone to like me. It totally sucks and is unrealistic. But I am, as I said, working on it. Thanks!!!

I have found that people I have left a message for telling them I appreciated their input and participation I never added. So sometimes I forget.

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When the feature first launched, I went about adding people, but I find I don’t really use the my fluther feature. I still randomly add people, but I can’t really say why.

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Bri_L, Please don’t feel alone in this. We all feel left out from time to time—and it’s often unfounded.

This seems a friendly community, and for that I am appreciative.

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The whole fluther thing is a mystery to me too…..I only have a few people. I can’t quite figure out what the point of it is yet…..?

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I would like to see a feature added to where I can see all the questions that people in my fluther have contributed answers to. That’s what I thought the feature was when I first saw it.

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I totally agree.

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I agree, as well.

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I do the same as you do except the icons. Also If they seem to really care of some of the very important questions I put up I put them in my fluther ,the attitude that they have because sometimes you can tell just the way they answer your question if they are sincere or not.

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I just add to have a way to keep track of everyone who says something I really liked or who was my friend somewhere else on the Net but I ran outta spaces or I would add you too!

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Er. I don’t know actually. Heh.

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@ Mitstu Neko – Thanks for the thought. Cool name!

@ Skyrail – I have studied your additions and it appears that you only add people who’s names are acronyms for crayon colors. cool!

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My name is Japanese and means Cat of Light. A Japanese speaking friendof mine named me it on my 18th birthday and I have carried it since. Another common nickname of mine is the name of a character he creted for his comic series that he said is based on te soul of me

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@Bri_L I laughed, a lot haha. I’ll be sure to keep up that trend (hahaha)

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@Bri_L I put you in My Fluher on my initial pass during the beta test.

@johnpowell You wish!

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I add people that I want to send pm’s to. All this conversation here posted as “an answer to a question” is not my cup of tea:

@so in so….........
@booger eater…......
@baggy butt…..........blah blah….I found one question and there were over 140 posts of conversing that had NOTHING to do with the question. Some will ask: then why do you come here? welllllllll….. not all the answers are full of dribbling private conversations. GREAT QUESTION, btw…;)

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@ XrayGirl – and yet, I am not in your fluther.

heheh just joshing ya. ;-)

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I add people who ask questions that I like to answer, so I don’t have to go looking through the entire “new” list, unless I run out of questions from people on my fluther.

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