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How do you tell the difference between a backslash and a forward slash?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13518points) February 11th, 2018

/ and \ ?

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/ forward slash
\ back slash.
The first leans forward towards the direction of typing the other leans back.

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If you think of the slash as a compass needle, the forward slash lies between southwest and northeast, and the backslash lies between northwest and southeast.

If you draw x and y axes in the usual way, the slope of the forward slash is positive and the slope of the backslash in negative.

If the slashes represented staircases, you could climb up the forward slash from the left of it and the backslash from the right.

The capital letter M has a backslash followed by a forward slash.

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The slash used for writing fractions like ½ is a forward slash. Capital W has a forward slash followed by a backslash. Z has a forward slash. Capital N has a backslash.

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Imagine a person leaning forward to look at something down the street from his balcony is forward slash while the one relaxing in a chair backwards is backslash..)

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