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Have you ever turned the tables on an opponent in a game?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44145points) February 11th, 2018

I started playing a new person in Words With Friends (Scrabble) about a month ago. It’s someone Rick went to school with way back when. She comes up with really good words. I would love playing her except for one thing: She keeps setting me up so I can easily hit a TW (triple word.) At first I thought she just didn’t understand what the designations TW (triple word,) DW (double word,) TL (triple letter,) etc. mean. I hit that TW 9 times out of 10. Yesterday it hit me that she knows what they mean, but she is setting herself up to hit the TW.
So now I set her up to set herself up for a TW, and then I take the move. If she doesn’t change her tactics she’s never gonna win!

(I’ve gotten better recently. I almost beat Auggie! Almost.)

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Yes, but I have played strategy games a lot since I was young, so… yes.

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Why on Earth would a person join a group like this with the sole intention of getting banned?

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Yes. When I was a kid I played the earthquake move in chess whenever I got close to losing.

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I usually win at Monopoly.
A strategy that I often use is to make a trade with another player to give them a better Monopoly, then manage mine better to beat them.

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I once sank 5 out of 8 enemy warships, on a team of 8 players.

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