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What foods are considered a meal when they're in one form, but not considered a meal when the same food is in a different form?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38322points) February 12th, 2018

I decided to pour myself a glass of tomato juice. Then I got to thinking…why would tomato juice not be considered a meal, but a bowl of tomato soup would be considered a meal? And what other foods are out there that the same thing could be applied to? Pancakes with syrup vs cake, for example. They both have the same ingredients, but people would be aghast to learn I fed a kid a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast, but would be fine if I served them pancakes.

I read something written by a day care provider where she said one of the moms would get upset if she fed her daughter a Popsicle made from orange juice because Popsicles are junk food you know, but was fine with her daughter drinking that same juice in liquid form from a glass.

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You see it here with how things are taxed. Snacks/junk food are taxed, food/meals are not. One muffin is a snack – taxed. Six muffins are apparently food – not taxed.

Lots of examples of things using the same ingredients with different outcomes. It’s not too different from people who don’t realize you can eat breakfast foods at any time of day.

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What do you mean taxed and not taxed? Everything you buy is taxed at the same sales tax rate. Oh wait. You aren’t in America. I forgot. That’s interesting.

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Corn – - Pop it for a snack or grind it and boil it for Grits.

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I loves me some popcorn! I sometimes eat it as my dinner.

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The contents of sausages before they go into the casings and are cooked.

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A whole baked potato is a meal but chips are a snack, fries are a side. Same with nachos versus chips and salsa. Fun question!

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Apples and apple pie

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Right? One is healthy, the other wouldn’t be considered healthy because it’s labeled as a dessert.

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