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Washing machine producing lint?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (609points) February 12th, 2018

We have a top loading washing machine without any lint trap that consistently produces lint. Any idea why this is happening and how I can mitigate the lint?

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How does it manage without a lint trap? Does it blow lint outside? Did it not produce lint in the past? Is the ventilation blocked?

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@Zaku The OP said it’s a washing machine, not a dryer.

I’m guessing there’s a sock or some material that’s caught up in the pump. Is the pump operating properly? No grinding sounds, etc? What’s the composition of the lint? How fine is it? Are there bits of strings or yarn?

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Call the help number on the machine

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@snowberry Oh! Wow brain fart. No excuse. I even had had my coffee!

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Top loader washing machine pumps are notoriously difficult to get at. If there is something caught in the pump, you might be better off getting a new machine, and if you do, make sure the new one has a lint trap! Keep us posted!

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