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Are you following Winter Olympics?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) February 12th, 2018

Which are your favourite sports from this Olympic?

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~The drug tests. I like figure skating.

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Yes, well, not following but tuning in whenever I have the opportunity and watching whatever is on as long as it is not figure skating. Or curling, although I have been known to watch it when there is nothing else available.

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Only the figure skating.

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the wife records the olympics broadcasts. She’s big on the “twirlers” (figure skaters).

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The only thing I really watch is the short track speed skating.

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No, I have no interest in sports.

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Not following. But will watch figure skating.

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Oh man.. The short track transfer the baton thing is glorious. It is madness.

Soooo good.

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Yes. We record the day’s coverage then watch the night coverage live (after skimming through the recorded day coverage).

We like mostly everything except the long track skating, singles ice dancing, and cross country skiing.

Love the ski jumping, down hill, luge, bob sled, snowboarding, and hockey.

Was super excited for that 17-year-old “Red” who won gold in one of the snowboarding competitions.

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Here’s nice collection of jumps in Figure Skating since most of you seem to like

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@johnpowell thanks for the YouTube link, I’ve never watched those races before, but as you say sooooo good!

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