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Would you rather deal with commercials or pay for a subscription?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (1150points) February 12th, 2018

Thinking of Netflix, cable, etc.

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For me, it’s not about that. I pay for subscriptions because of content. CBS All Access I pay for, but less because of ads. I don’t mind the ads, I grew up with ads, but I can see how they might bug younger ones.

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Ads, I leave and go accomplish something even if it is just getting a drink or a snack.

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Adds are fine as long as they aren’t too loud.. btw @Dutchess_III – your lurves are showing as 448*..are u seeing the same?

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@imrainmaker That is @Dutchess_lll ‘s -alternative_ moniker.

I don’t mind ads, and I do subscribe to things, like HBO and premium cable, so I really don’t have a preference.

I just wish that it wasn’t all years of ongoing story lines, I like TV better when I could watch an episode without needing five years worth of background.

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^ok…I was thinking whether it was something to do with yesterday’s issues!!

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I don’t think about it much, except when DVDs had long previews. Did that go away? I can’t remember seeing it for years.

Though I think the commercials on the kind of shows I watch are toned down. On the rare occasion I watch football on TV, the ads are oppressive. It really bothers me thinking, “people just accept these things as normal? Really?”

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I would like it half way. That I only get commercials for products and services I actually want to get info into stuff that I want to buy.

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record the program. play it back & skip the commercials.

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No. Recently subscribed to Hulu. Chose the “no ads” subscription.

I have always detested almost all ads.

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Radio – - I’ve been a Sirius subscriber for 11 years. No commercials on most channels. HAPPY HAPPY

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I do what could be called “extreme piracy” and I don’t care.

In the last day I did 48 hours of streaming from my plex server. That is for six users.

I pay for netflix and directtvnow but still pirate everything.

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@imrainmaker . It seems to be just this thread that Dutch’s lurve is messed up. Weird.

I would rather no commercials. But I don’t have the money to upgrade.

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@MrGrimm888 Dutch has TWO accounts one on her cell and the other on her PC. The mobile is “lll” lowercase “L” the other is “III” uppercase “I” (EYE).

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^I’m wondering why is it so? Was she facing any issue which you’re aware of?

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She had a problem with her PC, I think, and accidentally started a second account on her cell.

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I would gladly pay to have NPR not tell me about all its supporters, which they claim are not really ads. I have very little patience for this. When I listen in the car, I shut off the radio when they come on. I am willing to miss part of the show in exchange for not having to hear the support announcements.

Pledge drives are particularly horrendous. Fortunately, my radio picks up the New York NPR station in addition to the local Philadelphia one. So far the current winter pledge drive has not overlapped with one from the New York station.

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Commercials. They give me time to get up and pee.

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Pay for netflix, not hulu, pay for cable never watch it

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I detest advertisements and avoid them. They ruin good programmes and I would much rather pay a subscription. I am happy with the BBC licence fee of £12.12 a month which pays for great programmes and trustworthy news coverage with zero advertising.

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Guys…I was unable to access my account with my phone one day. No idea why. I managed to make a different account tho and this is the result. Not trying to trick anyone. It just means I’m on my phone and not mu desk top.

When we canelled cable we returned the DVR so we don’t have a record option.

Give me ads any day! They give me a chance to take a break.

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I just feel so liberated now that we’ve ditched cable. We have so much more than we had before, too.

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