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What does "by Tuesday" mean?

Asked by VirgoGirl826 (383points) February 13th, 2018

Last week (Friday), I submitted my resume/portfolio to a company I really want to do an internship for this Summer. The same day, the guy I sent my materials to emailed me a few hours later and told me that if I hadn’t heard anything “by Tuesday”, to please let him know. It’s now Tuesday, and I haven’t heard anything… so do I email him now, or am I supposed to wait through today as well, and if I don’t hear anything, contact him tomorrow?

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You wait until tomorrow (Wednesday). To do so otherwise is to not take him at his word.

However, if you don’t hear from him today, email him first thing in the morning!

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I would email him today, Tuesday.

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Wait till Wednesday morning.

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Normally a company will only ask you to wait by someday after the job interview. But since he said that if you didn’t hear any news by Tuesday then let him know. So you’d better email him again. Better on Wednesday morning.

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Before the Tuesday work day starts.

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