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Can you help with a gift idea?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21116points) February 13th, 2018 from iPhone

I’ve always preferred surprising someone with a gift based on information I had gleamed in the course of my relationship with that person, whether it’s a short or long-term relationship.

When someone says they love the gift and asks how in the world I knew that that’s something they really want to have, it makes my day.

But now I find myself totally clueless. I want to suprise this woman of about 40, single and recently diagnosed with cancer, with a nice gift but so far I have only met her twice and only for a few minutes each.

She is the niece of a lady in which house my parents are living in right now. She visited my Mom who was recovering from a mild-stroke. This woman has a physical disability yet was kind and generous enough to pay my Mom a visit to see how she was doing. She also gave my Mom a New Year’s gift.

It’s plainly obvious to me how special she is as a person and would like to send her a gift that would surprise and one that she would really love.

Any insightful suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Do you know any of her hobbies or your mom might have interacted with her might know what she likes? Have you met her outside or at home which can also give some clue what kind of art she likes etc.or you can talk to the owner herself and let her know what you’re looking for. She might be thrilled to hear that and agree to help you with your cause.

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Does she read? A book would be nice. Or a travel magazine subscription, like Sunset or Yankee.

Or, a gift I have given in similar circumstances (someone I knew but not well enough) has been windchimes.

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@imrainmaker Yes it does make sense for me to ask my parents for some info they might have. Thanks.

@zenvelo That was my first thought something to read. I love reading myself but no idea if she is a reader and if she is, what her preferences are. I might end up with a best guess scenario here.

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Also, if you know whether she is on Pinterest, you can look at her boards, to find out what kinds of things she is interested in.

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If she has cancer, and is going through treatment, she is likely very tired. Audio books (or whatever is the modern equivalent) might be a better bet, concentrating on a page is difficult.
Music is an idea as well, any fairly passive thing won’t wear her out.

I wish for her a recovery.

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