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Can news media get away with this?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16651points) February 14th, 2018

I was watching live coverage of today’s shooting as events were still unfolding.
They show video a student filmed. It was before an accurate body count. Parents seeing this must have been near out of their minds seeing it before even knowing if their own were okay.
Can they air such a video before parents of the injured and killed have been notified?

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Well. They aired all the people running, and being shot at in the Vegas shooting…

There were surely minors in that crowd, so age may be irrelevant… It may vary, state to state…

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I think It might be with the media “that it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission”.

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Yes, they can.

Some of them have agreements with some law enforcement agencies to try not to reveal tactical information during situations in progress.

Even though most media companies are owned by the same mega-powerful corporations, at a smaller level they and their employees are still driven by short-sighted games to try to compete with each other to gain viewers so they can sell more ads to more corporations (even though they may all be ultimately owned by the same mega-wealthy groups) and that mindset tends to override most other considerations. That mindset tends to have particularly little regard for others’ upset – in fact, they probably have statistics about how it leads to more viewers and more ad sales and increased stock values…

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Not really a question of “get away with it”. This is a free country we live in, where there are very strong laws about freedom of speech and the right to say and do what you want.

Is in this good taste? Probably not. Butis it legal? Certainly.

There’s an old saying that originated with newspapers – If it bleeds, it leads – meaning that blood or mayhem or injury is what the vast majority of people want to see or read.

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Are you referring to the snapchat video? with the caption “There’s someone shooting” or something? I saw that too. You would think that they would have the decency to not. But, gore gets all the attention

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They didn’t show pictures of the victims.

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This particular video may not have been gore-y but I’m just saying. Lots of people are desensitized to shocking things like that. Parents may not be. I would certainly be a basket case if I saw something like that and my kid went to the school. There were people screaming and gunshots going off in what I saw. So still pretty bad even if its not full on people actually being hit and stuff. That’s terrible to hear kids at a school your kid is at screaming and filming bullets, and to the parents watching, it probably got the same reaction out of them as one where kids got hit would have gotten. although second one would have probably got a worse reaction and they might actually not be able to show that specifically.

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Dirty Laundry

“It’s interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry”

Pretty much explains it all.

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I was watching CNN for a few hours before they aired that video. When I first turned on CNN I thought it would be a normal day. Sadly it kinda was. But they said 17 dead when I first turned on the tv. A significant amount of time had passed before they played that video. There was more than enough time to confirm the dead and for the families to check in.

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Get away with it? Why not? It’s news.

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JP, you are talking way after I saw it. I saw it while parents were still roaming the area trying to find out where authorities took their kids. The scene was still active and the total count was unknown.
Queen, It sounds like you saw the clip I mean. It was difficult to tell whether anyone was hit because the kid sending shook around a bit. The shots are loud and the screams are sheer terror. I could see them showing it late news, but this was before many parents knew.

I know if I was that little girl’s mother, the one in the colorful dress and trapped screaming, I would puke, until she is home safe then I would pull the hearts right out of some news producers’ chests.

Seeing some people who had their kids with them, much later was powerful stuff.

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That is creepy.

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^I see it as no worse than diamonds as gifts…

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No way. Diamonds are for Valentine’s Day. Guns are definitely an anniversary gift.

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And bullets are for divorce.

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