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How to remember anything?

Asked by Tbh2018 (52points) February 16th, 2018

Tips to how to remember anything

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Write it down a bunch of times, take neat notes as well. Don’t cram information like cram-studying. Give yourself time to study, make it easy, put things into your own words, etc.

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Everyone has their own learning style. Figure out what yours is and then take advantage of its strengths. Here’s a link to get you started.

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If you are trying to memorize the link between two items, create some artificial association between them, the kookier the better. You can memorize a list of items by building an association between each item and the next one in the list. I tested this system by using it to memorize the 12 symbols in the Chinese zodiac, which determine what it is the “year of”.

A trick used for memorizing numbers is to use a standard conversion of numbers to consonants. Then add vowels and separate words to create an association. This site describes the technique as phonetic numbers. They tell how to remember which letters are assigned to each number.

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It is best to make picture of things in mind which you want to remember!

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