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2 days and not a single question on the slaughter in Florida. Too commonplace to be bothered with?

Asked by stanleybmanly (18454points) February 16th, 2018 from iPhone

One can grow accustomed to nearly anything.

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What is there to say?

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great answer!

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I’m hoping to put my energy on this to good purpose – not to fight the same old tired arguments.

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No, I was going to ask a question but I’m waiting to get home. Don’t want to be asking about school shootings on a school computer at school.

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You’ve already asked one yourself, and it’s not like either of these were just asked out of the blue. And with a number of people currently unable to ask questions—something you ought to remember given the response you got to this question—there may be more people who wanted to ask about the shooting who were not able (since not everyone knows about the mobile site workaround).

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I have been using mobile nearly exclusively for months in dealing with fluther, but I thought the troubles were brought to heel prior to the shootings.

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Also, What’s really to be asked? Gun control? that’s already being thoroughly debated/exhausted. Not a ton more that can be brought up.

I just asked the question I was going to ask

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Personally, I remain convinced that it is too late to correct the problem or reverse the climbing frequency of incidents. No set of laws, or degree of vigilance can possibly compensate for a scenario with 320 million people in a land of 300–400 million guns.

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In these devastating times the only thing I want to do is announce that my thoughts are with the parents, the families, the friends, and other loved ones, of the victims of the forthcoming mass shooting.

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as @ragingloli put it so succinctly Meh.

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I was too busy rolling my eyes at a post my gun nut relative made to me, when I said we need to do something to end gun violence.

She said I (personally) was going to rise up and cause tyranny in the United States, and I was begging for it, because I am against ordinary citizens owning AR-15 guns. Does she really think I’m going to take over the government with a block of tofu and a carrot stick?

She owns at least one AR-15, and a handgun, and she said she had to have it, to prevent governmental tyranny. Apparently tyranny by me, a hummus wielding ruffian.

Earlier, I was going to ask a Q about who should we (or would any of you) would report under the “see something, say something” slogan?

I think a lot of people are nut jobs, and some of them have guns, but who should I report, and to whom would I report? Who would you report?

Is it OK to report people (including, but not limited to) just because you or I think they’re a weirdo, or an asshole? Do I call the police? The FBI? The CIA?

That’s why I didn’t post an official question.

On the other hand, I found out this morning, that one of my friends knows the family of one of the children killed in Florida, and that sickens and saddens me.

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A handgun is OK. not sure why she needs an AR though.

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To defend herself against a main battle tank.

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Or a plate of steamed Brussels sprouts.

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My theory is that people overlook the kids on the fringes, the weirdo’s, who are more likely to seek acceptance in odd small cliques like this guy and the Neo-Nazi group. “He was weird”, “if anyone would do this-he would”....the meaner people are to each other, the more violent the reactions will be. Common sense.

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I think it’s been debated to death. What is needed now, is action. The government is in place, to help it’s citizens. Unfortunately, they only care about being reelected.

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^I believe there is hope. Our children are angry with the inaction and it shows in the survivors from Florida. These children will be of age to vote soon.

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I’m not sure why folks are having problems posting questions or accessing Fluther. I’m on a Win 7 laptop and can access Fluther just fine using IE (version 11) and Chrome. I can also access Fluther fine on iPhone or iPad Mini running iOS 11.2.5 and Safari browser. Perhaps Fluther is just not compatible with Win 10 or Edge?

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@notwonderwoman . I hope you’re right. I have little to no faith that things will change much…

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a few weeks and hardly any coverage over the shooting that occurred in a school in Kentucky. Oh well

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