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When you are really hungry do you become angry?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38417points) February 18th, 2018

Inspired by this old question.

I get really cranky if I’ve gone without eating for too long (more than a day.) I really think it’s a positive instinctive reaction to extreme hunger. It’s what gave our ancient ancestors the will to go out and slaughter something by any means necessary in order to eat.

How long do you go without eating before you get so hungry you get angry?

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Not as much as I tend to get goofy, can’t think clearly, and attempt joke comments that only I think are funny. I may have done this while Fluthering on occasion.

How long it takes depends on what I ate before that, and whether I’ve been sleeping or not. During the day, maybe 5–6 hours? The cranky part I think only comes out with some sort of frustration.

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When I was a kid I remember mentioning to my friend, late in the afternoon, that I hadn’t eaten yet. I was 13 or 14. She said she can’t go that long without eating because she gets shaky. I didn’t understand that then. I could, literally, for for days without eating with no ill effects. But now I understand. I get shaky now if I don’t eat for the first time until later in the evening.
I wonder why it didn’t happen when I was a kid?

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It happened to me when I was a kid, but it took a major case of it and pointing out by my mom before I realized it. When I was about 11, I went over to my oldest friend’s house without having eaten and by evening we were getting into a fight like we never had, mainly because I hadn’t eaten and my brain was getting into a more primitive fight-mode.

Are you sure you went for long times with no food as a kid?

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It’s not like Mom didn’t feed us. Food was always available, I just wasn’t very interested in it. When I got older I’d choose not to eat at certain meals for whatever reason and Mom would just shrug her shoulders. Food wasn’t a big deal, or an issue at our house.

When I was about 17 I went on a fast for 5 days. Just to say I did it. I DID IT!!

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Could it be that your patterns of thoughts and emotions are just arranged differently now than they were then, or do you think the difference isn’t about those sorts of things?

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I get mad that I’m hungry. It’s annoying. SO much time goes into having to eat. There are times when I just don’t want to spend money I don’t really have, on food.

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I don’t know @Zaku. Just a difference in metabolism I guess.

Eating annoys me too @MrGrimm888.

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I might get angry, but I inevitably get sad and scatter-brained. I read a recovering alcoholic’s autobiography recently, and she said that her group was taught the HALT-acronym in rehab: Don’t get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired – we’re bound to make bad choices when we’re uncomfortable.

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