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Anyone still here from a few years back? ;)

Asked by Dog (24791points) February 18th, 2018

Just curious how many are here either in original form or reincarnated.

Happy 2018!

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Hello, @Dog! Good to see you!

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Hi, friend! You won’t recognize my new name. I’m Jon’s better half. ;)

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I haven’t heard from you in a Dog’s age.

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I love me some Dog…

I built her a computer nearly 8 years ago. My payment was a painting. She is a amazing artist.

I just wanted a picture of my dead cat. She delivered…

Sorry about the shit picture. It was taken seconds ago.

She captured my love of (Poppy – dead cat), Chinchillas, Handi-Snacks, and malt liquor…

EDIT:.... I couldn’t deal with a shit picture so I put it on a pizza baking thing.

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It is the best thing I own.

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Hi @Dog! I’m still here. I’m really glad to see you. Hope all is well. That is a beautiful picture of @johnpowell‘s cat. You are truly an artist.

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Hey @Dog!! So glad to see you here. One of the best Jellies ever. Hope you stick around the lagoon some.

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Hi @Dog! You’re a blast from the past. I’ve been here, off-and-on, since about 2009. I’m currently using my 3rd moniker.

That painting is a wonderful thing indeed. I can see why it’s so dear to @johnpowell.

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Hi Dog, where have you been? Can I fix you something to eat?

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Dog! So happy you’re back :) What’ve you been up to?

I’m formerly @DancingMind; can’t remember how long ago I changed it, if you were here or not.

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Wheee! Yes. I left for two years and then came back to keep vigil for Gail, and I’ve remained. I missed you. Welcome back, dear Doggie.

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I was Talljasperman.

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Hi @Dog. Great to see you! I was a worried guy but now, after all these years, I’m a lucky guy.

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^^ Will you eventually become Complacent Guy or Relaxed Guy?

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Welcome back!

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I am. Good to see you again, old Dog! ;-)

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<Defenestrates radio>

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Woof Woof!!
I mean, don’t post that often now coz it’s as quiet as a fart in a foam pair of knickers but hey…

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I’m still here.

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No, I’m not here.

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It’s great to see you, @Dog!!

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I’m still here; though, I am more of a lurker these days. I realized that I will have been on fluther 10 years as of June 2018. That’s longer than most of my IRL friendships.

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Same with me, @tinyfaery! The ten years, I mean. Dog, darling, nice to see you in this medium.

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Here Doggie, Doggie, Doggie….

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Fluther Lifers!!

I’ll be here ten years May of this year.

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^psst, she might know you by your previous name.

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^ Ah, valid point.

@cookieman the artist formerly known as @cprevite (now with more colorful cookie avatar).

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Hey @Dog! Good to see you.

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Once in a while, not anything like I used to be.

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I got distracted by work and just came back to see if there were any responses- I am floored!

As soon as I get done with errands I will be back to respond! Life is good!

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@Jeruba Great to see you are here! I still use the lovely wine glasses you sent!
@syz seen any interesting animals lately?
@filmfann what’s your fave film out right now?
@cookieman cp! Hi!
@chyna Great to see you!
@janbb SQUIRREL!
@marinelife Hi!
@tinyfaery glad you are still here too!
@Mariah Hi!
@CWOTUS Glad you are not here!~
@Mimishu1995 and @ucme Hi!
@Zaku Hi!
@rebbel Hey how are you?
@LuckyGuy glad your still here- great new name!
@RedDeerGuy1 Talljasperman! Hi! Great that your still here!
@Soubresaut Hi!
@Kardamom yes please! Oatmeal would be great!

Aww @Love_my_doggie ~you didn’t need to change your name just for me ~ ;)

@Tropical_Willie so glad your still here!
@SavoirFaire Awesome you are around!
@Aethelwine Nice moniker! :)

Ry- <3 I am so stoked that you like your painting- you are awesome!

This is like a high school reunion only this is actually enjoyable.~
It seems most of the best are still here! Currently I am working three jobs, all of which involve Art in many different aspects. I also take care of my kids, spouse and my dad. Life is good! I am going to make an effort to drop by as often as I can.

Anyone want to fill me in on what is going on in your world?

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<<<< Our Border Collie puppy Buddy he’s 8wks old bought him last thurs.

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Separated six years and doing well after some painful times. Working on my painting, learning French (again) and wishing I could see my grandkids and kids more than I can.

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Here’s your “Oatmeal”:

Enjoy : )

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Best film out? Three billboards.
I, Tonya is also wonderful.

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@Dog, remind us when you were last here on a regular basis. Three or four years ago, maybe?

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I finally graduated and now I’m working for a language center while waiting for the announcement of my Master program. But to be honest I’m rather confused about my life path. Now that I don’t have to deal with stupid school shit, I want to reconnect to my dream, but I’m just starting out and I have no one to guide me. And people around me don’t think I’m being realistic. I suffer from self doubt now and then. So in short I’m working on my real job and a semi-real job.

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@Dog, thank you. Jon and I will be moving out of BFE, Illinois this summer to a large city in western Michigan. We’ll be close to my sister who moved to Michigan last year and we’ll be close to Lake Michigan. Being near the lake will give me so many photographic opportunities as well as outdoor activities I enjoy. I can’t wait! Our youngest son will also be able to attend a very good high school. He’s home schooling right now until our move and I’m studying as well. I plan to become certified as a medical coder. Life is busy and full of new and exciting adventures. :)

edited to add: we’ll be close enough to visit one of Fluther’s Canadian members and her girlfriend. We can’t wait to meet up. We’ve been pretty close for almost ten years now thank to Fluther.

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Hmmm, let’s see…I went back and got my masters degree, I’m at a new university now as an associate professor. My wife’s still amazing, my daughter started high school, and our Maltese just had a bunch of teeth removed, but is in great spirits.

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I’m the same old me. I have been spending the last few months writing a Plex client for the Apple TV. This is turning into a disaster. But I am learning a lot. Writing it in Swift and this is my first foray into the language.

You know how many horrible shows I have. 600 of them. So the plan is to make a client where you can basically knock a show/movie out if you are 100% sure you never want to ever see it. So instead of a list of 600 shows you could prune it down to just the stuff you are actually interested in. And the caching of artwork so it doesn’t need to be downloaded every single time like the official client.

This will never see the light of day. It gets more and more complicated and I am quickly losing interest. But it was fun to learn some new stuff.

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@ucme What a wonderful pup! Congratulations on the addition to the family!

@janbb learning French is amazing! It sounds like you are in a new adventurous season. Are you planning a trip to France any time soon?

@Kardamom Yum! Thank you!

@filmfann I agree on Three Billboards- but wished for a bit longer as it seemed to end abruptly. (Artsy I know- just liked it too much to be left hanging)
I have yet to see I, Tonya. Will look for it when I have time. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Jeruba gosh- I was here to stand vigil for @gailcalled but prior to that I think it’s been 4 years. I miss Gail and Gary and CAK. Another gal too- for some reason I cannot remember her moniker. Also Tim’s Brother. Good people all passed.

@Mimishu1995 So what is your dream? I remember the strange lifestyle void after graduation … It happens to me every time I achieve a goal. Congratulations on your graduation!

@Aethelwine That sounds fantastic! A lot to do and new venues for creativity and education. I am excited for you guys!

@johnpowell you always blow my mind with your coding genius. I’ve heard Swift is a better coding language than its predecessors, I really wouldn’t know as I admire coding from afar so I won’t destroy anything on accident. Are you getting snow? Apparently there is one heck of a storm front moving around.
By the way- that comedy show is so freaking funny! I showed it to the girls and we were all laughing. I watch YouTube and sometimes Plex. It’s like a mad Hatter tea party every episode.

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@Dog :: Yes, Would I Lie to You is the best television show ever made.

For those of you that have never seen.

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@Dog I want to be an artist. I just feel like it’s my calling. But I don’t know if I’m going on the right way. I don’t want to quit my day job really, but I want to do more than just that. So far no one takes me seriously when I say I want to be an artist, and I have no one to guide me on the way. The path can get very lonely and scary.

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@Mimishu1995: What kind of artist do you want to be? What do you want to make?

I have more, but let’s start with that.

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Hello! I remember you. I was Shippy in those days I think. Great to see you back!

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@cookieman I want to be a comic artist. Currently I’m in the process of making one. I made some before back when I was at college but it was just for fun, and they were very short and the topic was just jokes about mundane things in life. My friends liked them but they thought my art should stay that way because it couldn’t go anywhere further than that. I want more than that. I want to turn it into a career instead of just a hobby. I’m still working on it but sometimes I doubt if I’m right for clinging onto something I don’t even know the outcome of. No one around me really supports my decision, which doesn’t help.

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@Mimishu1995: That sounds really good. A couple things:

• I started out as an illustrator and worked freelance for six years after graduating art college. I also, during that time, had a full time job at an art gallery to pay the bills. It’s not unusual at all for artists of all kinds to work two jobs while building their art career.

• After twenty odd years as an illustrator, photographer, and teacher, I went back to graduate school so I could study what I really wanted to do and become a professor.

Guess what I studied in graduate school. Sequential storytelling, or comic books. My thesis is about comics and I now create comics.

I’m also now an art and design professor. Guess what I teach (amongst other things). Sequential storytelling, or comic books.

I would be more than happy to try and help you. I’d love to see your work. If you’d like, PM me and I’ll send you some stuff.

Whatever you do, don’t give up your dream.

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Ive been around for eight years which is a long time in dog years and I’m still here. Good to see you again @Dog where were you?

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Hey, are @Dog and @Love_my_doggie related somehow? Family? We really should hang out sometime.

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Sometimes I still peek in.

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Hi wilma : )

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@wilma Nice to see you! Whenever I see your name I hear Fred Flintstone yelling it in desperation. :-)

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Hello all…pretty sure I was here right around the launch of Fluther. I recall Fluther losing out to Twitter as the best new social site. I pop in time to time. Nice to see you again Dog.

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Sue!!!! I’ve missed you! It’s been way too long. (new name for me. I’m married to another user here.)

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Hello Sue and Wilma!!!

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@Dog spent some qulaity time with these guys

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I still swim around from time to time. I was once known in these waters as petethepothead.

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^^ Pete!! How are you darlin’?

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Pete!!!! Hello!

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@janbb I’m good! Enjoying the snow tonight, and looking forward to spring.

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@farmer Are you still in NJ then?

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Hey, Pete, so good to hear from you!

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The blonds miss you, @farmer.

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@janbb Yup! Crazy that exactly 4 days ago, it was snowing and my truck was all covered and my back was hurting from shoveling.

@marina Same here!

@Aethelwine Cyndi keeps me updated via her facebook. You came up in conversation just today (only good things :p)

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