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What are the vegetables that grow by the tree?

Asked by yahnvi143 (7points) February 19th, 2018

what are the vegetables that grow by trees

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Leaves, bark, roots and branches are vegetative aspects on trees.

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Lime leaves are common ingredients in Thai recipes.

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If you’re asking about vegetables that grow in the form of trees, I don’t know of any.

The only food items that I know of that we get from trees are fruits, not vegetables. There are “pepper trees”, but I don’t think that the pepper pods that grow from them are food items; at least they aren’t where I come from.

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@CWOTUS Pepper pods are the fruit of the pepper tree.

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Bay leaves are aromatic tree leaves and used in cooking. Two of these bay leaf tree species are Umbellularia californica and Laurus nobilis.

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