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Which art form do you enjoy most and why?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) February 20th, 2018

As asked.

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Music followed closely by photography.
Music because it brings me pleasure and gives a soundtrack to my life. It also keeps the boredom away when driving.

Photography because I prefer realism to abstract and a photo usually presents a much more realistic image than a painting or print.

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Games, because it’s my own media, I’ve been into them since I was a kid, they can be an interesting way to do things with your friends/family, they’re fun and can entertain for an unlimited amount of time.

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Music. It soothes me, it lifts me up, it can be a great time machine, it brings me close to my good memories and people who are no longer in my life….it’s my best friend.

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Music, Ceramics (throwing pots), glass blowing (beads).
Photography too but that has years.

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Painting and photography, I’m a visual person and I love the way scenery affects emotions.

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Dance and writing. Theatre. I enjoy visual art and music, too, but I know less about them and/or have done less with them myself.

As to why… There’s something about a beautiful movement or a beautiful phrase that captures me, I guess. And there’s something about the textures of those mediums that I especially enjoy, the way they can be both visual and rhythmic, I guess. Or the way they sometimes seem able to bring such contrasting “things” together into a single form. Or the way that single form extends over time/space/imagination in a way that can’t ever quite be contained all at once? I don’t know.

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The Movies, of course, then music.

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Anime and Hentai. The reasons are obvious.

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As an audience, I presume you mean.

If I had to choose one in preference to all others, it would be literature, followed closely by music. But I would sorely miss the visual arts, especially painting. And I greatly enjoy drama, including movies, and ballet. And opera, which is a wonderful combination of arts.

I know the world needs practitioners of science and technology too, and I’m really glad somebody else is taking care of those so I don’t have to.

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Drawing and painting

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Does code count? Oh.. Are we talking creating or consuming? If consuming I am going with Reality TV (not joking).

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Movie and comic.

Comic is a criminally underrated form of art. It’s just another form of telling stories just like literature. But somehow people associate it with something for kids, and no one takes comic seriously. Even many comic artists treat it like another toy for kids and go for some lame stories that aren’t mean to be taken seriously and cater only for the young demographic.

Comic has the power to be just as meaningful as classic literature. The creation of comic is even more difficult than the creation of a work of literature. It’s a combination of both painting and literature, and it also has to employ techniques used in movies. Think of it as a paper movie. There are some people who realized this and tried to turn comic into a legitimate form of art, but their effort faded away because of the strong bias.

I hope people attitude will change in the future, and comic will get the appreciation it deserves.

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