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Is there an exercise machine for the upper body that is hard to fall from?

Asked by Aster (19994points) February 23rd, 2018

My husband spends all day in his recliner and falls down to the ground about twice yearly. Getting up takes twenty minutes. He appears very strong but his muscles are atrophied. He needs an upper body exerciser; we have a treadmill he devotes 3 minutes a day to using. His legs are thin now and used to be muscular before he had a hip replacement after a hospital fall. He won’t use free weights. TIA

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How about the “Concept II” rowing/paddling machine? It’s low to the ground and very high quality. Gives a good workout for the upper body, core and legs.

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Thanks. Let me check it out. If it’s too low to the ground he won’t be able to get up.

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Make sure he will use it before you go spend money on a machine that will just take up space. Light weight free weights would really help, but since he won’t use those, what makes you think he will use anything else?

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@chyna because he likes the new treadmill. I think the machine suggested is way too low to the ground.

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Swimming, or working out in a pool would be ideal. A local YMCA, or rec department, may have classes, or at least let him use the pool. Make sure he has shoes with good grip to wear at the pool…

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Oh. Isometrics. Charlton Hesston claimed that he used isometrics, when he was older. I think it was during a late night show interview.

I use isometrics, to an extent. Usually after a workout though…

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Velcro strapped weights for arms and ankles sold everywhere.
He can have these on when using the treadmill as well.
Even picking up groceries can help. Have him help with the grocery shopping etc.

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He can go to the grocery store holding onto the cart handle which I always discourage unless I must have half an hour alone. But two months ago he attempted to carry five , 2liter bottles of soda with one arm and fell all the way over and to the floor. Five days ago he bent over our bar fridge to get some milk and he hit the floor. He didn’t lose consciousness . The problem was getting him upright after twenty minutes. He could not have done that had I been gone. Not that I lifted him; he’s big. I went and got a step ladder and that eventually worked.

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^He sounds like my father. Gets hurt trying to do too much. I.have tried to tell him to slow down, or be more cautious. It doesn’t work.

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