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Can you assist with an Excel output question?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30850points) February 23rd, 2018

Need your wisdom. I have looked at all sorts of Excel reporting templates, but they don’t seem to do what I want.

I have an excel spreadsheet with 9 columns. Columns are A through I. All text, no numbers. I’m using this to store descriptive information about particular products.

What I want to do is the following: create a report that outputs the data vertically, as shown below:

Contents of Column A1
Contents of Column B1
and so on
Contents of Column I1
<space between>
Contents of Column A2
Contents of Column B2
and so on
Contents of Column I2
<space between>

and on and on.

Is there some simple way to make this sort of output?

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If I understand you, you want to transpose.

Select your data, CTRL-C to copy, then right-click on another sheet and select the transpose button. It will make this look like this.

Is that what you mean?

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@thisismyusername – yes, your lower example is exactly what I want to do. I will look into “transpose” and see what I can do.


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@thisismyusername seems to have responded with the resolution you want, so I’ll leave that alone.

However, if you decide to ask – anyone, anywhere – Excel questions again, you need to work on your notation a bit. In Excel-speak a column is A:A (for “Column A”) or “A:D” for “Columns A-D inclusively (and all of those columns, top to bottom)” and so forth. Rows are “1:1”, etc.

When you talk about the contents of individual cells, then please (for your sake as well as whoever is attempting to read, understand and respond) refer to “A1”, “B1”, “C1” etc. as “cells”.

Alternatively, a Range is any collection of contiguous cells (which can even be a single cell). The Range “A1:I9” includes the 81-cell square of cells extending from A1 diagonally down to I9.

I had to read the question three times, stumbling over “Column A1” each time, to figure out what you meant.

Columns, Rows, Cells, Ranges… there’s the starting terminology for you.

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