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What does Trump have against African nations and Haiti again?

Asked by Catnip5 (320points) February 23rd, 2018

May be a belated post on my part but this one kinda had me wondering at the moment, even in the light of other unfortunate recent events too. So what does he strongly have against with Africa and Haiti to make him express such remark? What did that continent and that one Caribbean nation ever personally do to him?

Well… despite some of the obvious such as ‘because they’re black, and he’s not’, ‘to appeal more to the racist bases that he got in some form, especially to the KKK-like sensibilities’, ‘those places strongly remind him of Obama (who is also a Kenyan descendant)’

Why did he also single out Haiti of all the Caribbean nations as a target for disdain? Haiti clearly have been through a lot since the 2011 earthquake that even Dominican Republic have tried their best to support their neighbor’s recovery, despite their political tension. Trump sure has form an odd habit of kicking a nation when they’re down with that one. He also should practice what he preaches from whatever comes out of his mouth, or take a look at his own nation first before going on to criticize others. How does inspiring a personality cult called the alt-rights or suggest teachers to be armed everywhere in the future not exactly place America on a verge of become a shittier country? Plus we’re just going to pretend how cities and areas like Detroit don’t exist in the US? Sorry, Detroiters.

Maybe Mexico got too boring to pick on at the moment regarding immigration issues?

Plus why did he suddenly favor Norway of all European countries (besides Russia) for immigration? I even seen Norwegians called him out after his statement.

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They’re not part of the White fantasy culture he and many of his supporters favor.

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They are disliked by his conservative and neo-Nazi monetary backers, follow the money. He is the poster boy for them.

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Anyone can tell by the way you “answered” your own question in the detail part of your question that this isn’t a legitimate question. Maybe you are wanting an echo chamber, or to provoke someone who might disagree with you.

But I’ll go ahead and treat it as a legitimate question. First of all, his “favor of Norway” was because the statement was made in the wake of Trump’s visit with Prime Minister Solberg. Norway is a major consumer of U.S. military equipment, and Norway has been a very safe, stable environent for its citizens and children due to its culture. Even a much revered by the left Scandinavia does not revile Trump the way you do.

By the way, as for your comment about Trump’s favor of Russia, Trump and our military have been unabashedly at war with Russia twice (in Syria) during Trump’s first year. Relations with Russia have been tentative at best since Trump has been in office. Remember when the Democrats were saying that Vladmir could “blackmail” Trump? Our uneasy relations with Russia certainly flies in the face of claims that there is some kind of secret cospiratorial alliance between Trump and Vladmir Putin, Remember Hillary’s “Russian Reset” and Obama’s “open microphone” blurb where Obama said to tell Vladmir that he’d have more flexibility after the election?

As to your other points, everybody knows, unless they’ve been living under a rock somewhere, that Trump called Haiti or the African nations a “shithole”, right? After all, it was on all the major networks (except Fox and Brightbart) – and the story originally came from the Washington Post from “unnamed sources” so that proves it. Vocies from all over the world responded in kind, condeming the U.S. and Trump for this.

If the story were actually collaborated by named sources – who were really actually there, , even I might believe it because Trump does say things like this periodically (although I’ve never heard him use profanity since he’s been in office, that makes me a skeptic).

Problem is, no named source except only one in attendance, a Democrat aide (I think his name was Dalham – all these NYT and NBC News and MSNBC and Wahington Times stories and virtually no references to named sources) has collaborated the story. At least nine others in attendance have denied the remarks were made. I believed it at first, but with only one named source actually affirming this, and several denying it – I have my doubts.

So, lets wrap this up (my response at least) by comparing Haiti and Norway.

All countries are made up by their respective cultures, or people. Lots of people flee Mexico, other Latin American countries, migrate legally and many come because of work. They retain their indigenous cultures, but share our values as Americans. Imagine the despondency when they see the gangs and drug cartels from their own countries coming here illegally to plunder their families and neighborhoods with drugs and guns and human trafficking . Whereas we can have sympathy for those of African decent, many of the worlds’ poor know no other way of life but that of gangs and crime. Look at Haiti or war-torn Liberia, worse yet, some Muslim nation in Africa that is still practicing their thousand-plus-year-old Slave trade. Trump has declared America is for Americans first. When massive influxes of these cultures come to settle elsewhere, they bring their crime and troubles and often times their unhealthy ways of life with them. Itsd the people and their cultures themselves, the cultures that they are fleeing from, that is the make-up of their people. Not the colour of their skin, as you are asserting.

By contrast, Norway is probably in the top three most humane countries on Earth. Until recently, even the relatively poor in Norway still enjoyed a very high standard of living by World standards, and living among the poor was still better than most Americans have it as long as the people who live around you are concerned – virtually no crime, and it is safe for your children to go anywhere they want in safety or even leave your baby in the pram outside a store while you shop inside. No one even ‘needs’ to be wealthy in Norway as just about everyone has at least a decent apartment and safe neighborhood and good job and safety net. There is a strong work ethic and companies are humane to their employees. But it is a pipe dream that many from Norway would like to migrate to the U.S. even if they would pay far less in taxes and have a bigger, nicer home and affluent lifestyle. It wouldn’t compare to the egalitarian and socially equitable way they lived in Norway, the cleaner environment and the congeniality among the people.

Where would YOU rather live? Norway or Liberia? Shame on you then, racist!

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