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What do I need in order to sue someone?

Asked by dopeguru (1925points) February 25th, 2018

How can I sue someone and take them to court? Do I need their name and last name only? What else? How will they be notified?

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You can sue “John Does” but you need at least one known entity as a respondent. Otherwise, there is no point in a suit.

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@zenvelo how can I know?

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It all depends on what you are suing about.

If something was damaged, sue whoever damaged it. If someone took your money by hacking an account, sue the bank for not reimbursing you. If you had an accident because of a defect in something, sue the owner and creator of the defect.

You aren’t stating what you want to sue for, so it is hard to answer you.

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Maybe ask a lawyer?

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And you must PROVE your case. If you take someone to court the burden of proof rests on you.

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You also have to weigh the expense of a suit versus what you might gain if you win and the possibility of losing.

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Anyone can sue. Winning is a completely different matter. I’m not sure the lawyer’s fees would be worth it.

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Most reputable attorneys will offer a free initial consultation and let you know whether they feel you have an actionable case or not.

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@Darth Except the bad ones almost always say yes…they still get your retainer.

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Lawyers generally get a percentage of the decided sum, so it’s a waste of their time and effort to pursue cases they cannot win or settle.

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