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Itouch help?

Asked by lacrosse247 (11points) August 15th, 2008 from iPhone

my itouch isnt working, well idk what the problem is,when I plug it into my computer itunes dosent atomaticly come up and when I go into iTunes it say “this iPod cannot be used because the apple mobile device service is not started” and idk what it means please help me!!

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Ive never had that problem. I would call the place you bought it from and ask to speak with someone who knows a lot about the itouch.

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Is it jailbroken?

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I don’t think so no i guess

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did you end the process in the task manager(its called something like applemobiledevicehelper)? try reopening itunes, or restarting your comp if its still not working. if restarting your comp doesnt work, try putting your ipod into recovery mode and then restoring it

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how do you put it into recovery like how do you get into it

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Hold the “power” and home buttons simultaneously until the apple logo appears. Let go of the “power” button, but keep the “home” button depressed. While still holding the “home” button, plug the iPod Touch (not iTouch) into your computer.

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Download a fresh version of iTunes from Apple’s site and install.

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Well now that that problem is settled, now you need help pronouncing the name of your device. It is iPod Touch, there is no iTouch, you don’t say iNano or iShuffle do you?

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well w.e it can have a nickname cant it

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