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Do you believe what someone tell you easily?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) February 28th, 2018

There are two broad categories I can see. Some people believe others what they say/ do not always cross-check if told by someone close. While others will fact check every detail till they are satisfied completely.In which category do you fall?

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I’m the most trusting (OK, naive) person in the world, mainly because I am a bad liar, and I assume that everyone else is, too. I look like I am lying even when I am telling the truth. It’s horrible. If someone is telling me a wild, made up story, they’ll have to say something completely bonkers for me to catch on (like, “And then I got abducted by aliens . . .”).

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It completely depends on what is actually said, who is saying it, other extraneous, or specific facts that you have.

Are you aware of particular people lying to you? Have you been happy with the information that has been given to you? It just depends upon your relationship with the person in question.

I pretty much have no reason to doubt my best friend. She has no known agenda against me, and she’s a smart, well educated person, and she loves/likes/respects me.

Donald Trump does not know me, has been known to lie on a regular basis, and has little to no respect for women, minorities, and foreigners, and doesn’t agree with my basic tenets of decentness, so I pretty much assume that most of what he says is bullshit, lacks facts, ot has little basis in reality.

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^Not just a lie.. what if your best friend is pulling a prank? Will you go with your heart rather than head since it has been told by your best friend?

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I disagree that there are two categories on one axis.

I read people in various types of ways, notice how truthful people seem to be, and realize anyone could be lying to one degree or another. I rarely investigate unless there’s a good reason, but I leave room for the possibility of deceptions.

Sometimes I appear gullible because I will listen to improbable stories and consider that various wild tales may be true or at least listening to as if they might be. But I am generally also ready to the possibility or even probability that some things may be untrue.

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Generally I trust people until they give me a reason not to. Then they rarely get a second chance.

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I call myself a major skeptic. For instance: a close friend of mine told me a baked potato at a local eatery was ten bucks. I went on Facebook and told them off. They quickly replied it wasn’t true; that they’re $3 . I emailed my friend and she said she was wrong. All I can think of is that she is 76 and has had many mini strokes and a seizure requiring hospitalization.

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Trusting what people say to me has become a liability…I am very naïve and trusting. I think underneath it all I don’t know why people would bother to lie to me, but now that I have been through some very tough times, I have learned, late in life, people do lie…for all sorts of reasons. It is very disheartening.

I was voted “most naïve” in high school to boot.

I also think there are some people who get a kick out of seeing what they can get away with…but the good-natured of these types will usually laugh and tell you they were kidding. The malevolent lie is when one is still married and tells you they are divorced.

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