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Can one take communion while on medicine that forbids drinking alcohol?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) February 28th, 2018

Also what does the communion wine taste like?

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No, one should not. That is why communion with the Eucharist is completely sufficient.

Sacramental wine in the Catholic Church isn’t that good. It is almost like a sherry.

Because of the flu epidemic, many churches have stopped offering communion wine to the congregation.

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You are unlikely to get enough wine from communion for this to matter. The forbidden amount of alcohol means don’t have ab actual glass of wine or a beer.

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Some churches use grape juice instead of wine.

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From a medical/biological point of view, the amount of wine taken in at Communion is far too small to make any difference with one’s medicine.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Taking the body/bread is considered complete communion. I don’t take the blood/wine since I got a flu shortly after one year. Many alcoholics do this also.

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Communion wine is grape juice. Or it’s water.

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@kritiper Communion wine is wine in the Roman Catholic Church.

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@si3tech It is water that is supposedly turned into wine, by the priest during communion, if I remember my catechism correctly… like the Bible story of Christ turning water into wine…

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@kritiper The conversion of water into wine was a miracle at the wedding at Cana, when Jesus was just starting his ministry.

Communion is a replication of The Last Supper, when Jesus held up a cup of Passover wine and said, “this is my blood, the blood of a new covenant”.

The belief is that the sacrament of The Eucharist causes transubstatiation, where the wine becomes the blood of Christ.

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@zenvelo – yeah, I knew that… But in Catholic school we were taught that the liquid in the chalice became wine, signifying the blood of Christ. I don’t believe priests actually use wine in communion, just grape juice or water, and I don’t believe any actual chemical changes take place. It’s the thought that something takes place magically that counts.

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@kritiper I think you might have paid a bit more attention in religion class. Sacramental wine is really wine. Ask any old altar boy and they’ll tell you.

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@zenvelo It must not have much of an alcohol content, otherwise priests I’ve seen would get really snockered drinking that much of it during mass; and then be at the back door wishing everybody a nice day without falling down??

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Sacramental wine may or may not be alcoholic.
“wine… 2. The fermented, or, loosely, the unfermented, juice of any fruit or plant used as a beverage; ...” -from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed.
Also “wine… 1… b: wine or a substitute used in Christian communion services.” -from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th. ed.

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