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What skin problems do I have?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (199points) March 4th, 2018

Can you tell what skin problens that I have such age spots, acne scars etc and how can I improve them.

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I’d recommend you see a dermatologist. I have no idea what could be wrong based on those pics.

Don’t know about sunspots but for treating acne:
Clean bed sheets and pillowcase(get a pillowcase if you don’t have one)
Wash face with just water
Exfoliate once a week
And if its super bad like I have, see a doc who can give you stuff that works realll well but stings like hell. I think mine is called Clindamycin Phosphate(spelling??)

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Acne scars and sun/age spots are best left to a dermatologist, I think.

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