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Can you help me identify the new guitar my wife got me for my birthday?

Asked by stevenb (3811points) August 16th, 2008

My wife bought me a Fender Telecaster serial number VN306728. She was told that it was a US 1969 model. I have looked all over and cannot see that. On the fender web site it says it may be a Korean of unknown date. Anyone know for sure? I dont want my wifes feelings hurt, but I will be upset with the seller if he lied to her. It is a Pearl white body with a pearl white pick guard and a humbucker pickup in the back and the single up front. Your help would be so so appreciated. It also has white plastic knobs and switch and plate. The pickups are chrome. I can see on the head that the tuning pegs have been switched from ones with screws into the back of the head to ones that bolt through. Thanks again!

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Regardless of how your research pans out, it’s the thought that counts and be sure she doesn’t think you suspect her abilities or whatever.

I know that’s not what you asked but hey. It’s Fluther.

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It’s some kind of Fender guitar

one of these?

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The easiest solution may not be the interweb in this case. Do what my friends do: Take it to a guitar shop. Those guys know everything about guitars. If your town does not have a locally owned guitar shop let me know and I will tell you where my friends go in Wisconsin.

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well, is the serial number on the back of the head ? on the joint plate ? maybe the neck has been switched once, not uncommon reallly

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The number is on the head. I really dont want to upset my wife, but the thought of someone I know trying to get one over on her ticks me off. She was so sweet to buy it for me, and I just get mad thinking that somebody was taking advantage of her generosity. She wanted a really good guitar and this guy said he had a 1969 tele, so she jumped on it, trusting him. Now by the serial number it says it is a fender squire made in Korea on an unknown date. Did Korea make them in 69? If so, then cool, but if not I will go confront this guy. Thanks for the help though, and the concern for my wife. That is the hardest thing about this. Thinking about it drives me nuts. I guess I am a bit protective of her, and this just kills me. Why can’t people just be more honest. I will try a guitar shop later today. Thanks again.

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i actually think they are old, 69 -ish

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fender was nowhere near a second factory by 69, this was even pre-CBS, so no real massproduction, let an expert look at it

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Thanks. I know the neck could have been replaced. It just says fender telecaster and the serial nimber. I read that the numbering back then was messed up, and not very reliable. The color has got me too. It is a pearl white. I can’t find any of them anywhere.

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Here is a picture of a 1969 tele for reference. You can see how the white lacquer mellows to a light yellow over the years. Fender sold out to CBS in 1965, so yours, if it is genuine, should be easy to trace.
The year of manufacture is usually stamped into the butt-end of the neck, where it shoulders into the guitar body. You have to take the neck off to see it.
The original pickguard was celluloid, and would have shrunk over the years.
Here’s another one. Note the vintage (spindly) tuners and the “ashtray” bridge cover. A ‘69 would have a three-(brass)saddle bridge.
Here’s something neat. Nice picture of the neck joint showing the date of manufacture.
Last but not least. Note serial on bridge, and shrunken pickguard. Finally, note the price of these things.
As far as I am aware, the first Fender humbucker was offered in 1971, designed by Seth Lover, who defected from Gibson to Fender during the CBS years (He invented the Gibson PAF).
From what you describe, you may have been had…sorry. On the plus side, you didn’t have to trade your car for a real vintage guitar.

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Telecasters do not use humbucker pick ups, and fender rarely uses them at all. Telecasters use two single coils (one straight, and one slanted). Especially old school fenders. The poster above me gave you a lot of info that sounds good, but off hand, it sounds like you got jipped.

Also, what did it cost? An ACTUAL 69 Fender would be very expensive. I saw a 70’s model at a guitar shop a few months back. For the low low price of $3000 dollars you could have bought it. (oh, did I mention it wasn’t in the best of shape?).

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actually, the Telecaster Thinline and Deluxe models (among others) do have humbucking pickups. The Fender Wide Range is a legend…Fender humbuckers aren’t limited to the Tele, either. Most of their line-up is available with proprietary sandwich options.

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Thanks everyone, I actually took it back. It was a built guitar from a guy my brotet in law knew. He gave me my money back, and we went to a local shop and bought a Baja Telecaster. I love it. Sounds good and feels incredible. I appreciate all of the help. I felt bad for my wife, but we got it all figured out. Thanks again!!!

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