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Why isn't the sound working on my Facebook?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) March 6th, 2018

It works everywhere else, but not on Facebook. I’ve looked for FB settings but I don’t see anything.

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What operating system and/or browser are you running Facebook on?

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Windows 10, Firefox.

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So the volume control on the videos goes up & down but you hear nothing? And other web sites with sound like YouTube play sound ok?

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Yep. Works on my phone too. I guess I need to reboot.

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Ok. I looked and didn’t see another sound setting either.

My diagnosis as a professional software developer is “that’s weird!” To which the usual first step for Windows may be to reboot Windows, as you said.

If that fails, I might try to go into Windows 10 (which I thankfully don’t have) Control Panel and try to find the sound volume “mixer” – whatever they call it in Windows 10. It generally has different volume/mute settings for different types of audio. I’d play something with sound in FB and then unmute things in the mixer to see if it does anything.

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Oh I looked for the sound control first thing. The rebooting must have done the trick because it’s back.


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